Gun & Ammo Cases


V800 pelican vault v800 rifle case
V800 Vault
Double Rifle Case
Interior: 53 x 16 x 6"
V700 pelican vault v700 gun case
V700 Vault
Takedown Case
Interior: 36.5 x 14.5 x 6"
V730 pelican vault v730 gun case
V730 Vault
Tactical Rifle Case
Interior: 44 x 16 x 6.3"
V770 pelican vault v770 rifle case
V770 Vault
Single Rifle Case
Interior: 50 x 10 x 6"
iM3300 pelican rifle shotgun hard carrying case
iM3300 Storm
Long Case
Interior: 50.5 x 14 x 6"
1750 pelican 1750 gen 2 protector long case black
1750 Protector
Long Case
Interior: 50.4 x 13.3 x 5.3"
1755 pelican air 1755 long case
1755 Air
Long Case
Interior: 55 x 14 x 8"
1700 pelican 1700 gen 2 protector long case black
1700 Protector
Long Case
Interior: 35.8 x 13.7 x 5.4"
iM3100 pelican rifle shotgun ammo gun hard case
iM3100 Storm
Long Case
Interior: 36.5 x 14 x 6"
1720 pelican 1720 gen 2 protector long case black
1720 Protector
Long Case
Interior: 41.8 x 13.6 x 5.3"
iM3200 pelican hard hunting rifle shotgun case
iM3200 Storm
Long Case
Interior: 44 x 14 x 6"
1745 pelican 1745 air case long hunting rifle case
1745 Air
Long Case
Interior: 44 x 16.8 x 7.9"
iM3220 pelican rolling rifle gun transport hardcase
iM3220 Storm
Long Case
Interior: 44 x 14 x 8.5"
1740 pelican strong gun rifle military hard case
1740 Protector
Long Case
Interior: 41 x 12.9 x 12.1"
iM3410 pelican rolling rifle gun watertight case
iM3410 Storm
Long Case
Interior: 54.5 x 10 x 6"
1780 pelican hard transport military shipping case
1780 Protector
Transport Case
Interior: 41.1 x 21.5 x 14.9"

Keep Firearms Protected in Gun Case from Pelican

When you need a no-nonsense gun case to keep your firearms well-protected, turn to Pelican. We make the world’s toughest and most reliable cases for pistols and rifles, offering next-level protection to encase your weapons in 365 degrees of no-fail support. These crushproof cases are available in a huge array of sizes and styles. Take a look at our customizable foam and padded dividers so you can tailor your case to your unique tastes.

Hard Gun Cases That Are Built to Last

Shield your firearms at home and away with a watertight hard gun case featuring an O-ring seal, heavy-duty latches and stainless steel hardware. Our products make ideal travel gun cases because they feature fold-down handles for easy transportation. Pick out a crushproof, waterproof gun case offering the same level of protection demanded by military and law enforcement at Pelican. Shop Pelican today and rest easy knowing your firearms are safe.