Powerful LED Technology

Professional work flashlights are perfect for on the job use and every day carry. Stay ready with the reliable, hand-held lights that sport variable modes and features. The versatile array of flashlights we have available are easy to use and easier to depend on. With a powerful, reliable LED flashlight, you'll never be left in the dark.

Ideal For

pelican home household compact light


pelican factory work led light

Safe Work Environments

pelican everyday carry flashlight

Everyday Carry

pelica professional led flashlight
pelican downcast powerful led flashlight
pelican professional work led light

Special Features

Available on select models only

Articulating Head

Adjust the light and positioning of the beam


Heavy duty magnet allows the light to be snapped to steel surfaces


A self-contained glowing beacon that's easy to locate in the dark

Correct Color

Engineered with a higher CRI (90+ Coloring Index) allowing you to see color more accurately in your work environment

pelican articulating tilt work led flashlight

For Every Day Use