Hands-Free Light Source

LED headlamps provide a powerful light source with the convenience of hands-free operation. Affix the light and comfortable strap on your head for both indoor and applications. Whether you're out on a night hike or working on your car in the garage, you'll find that you can enjoy the advantages and benefits of a headlamp anywhere, anytime.

With up to 500 lumens, revolutionary downcast lighting, USB charging and battery level indication, these headlamps are packed with features. Other options, including night vision friendly red illumination, interchangeable body colors and multiple settings, make these headlamps your best partner for the dark.

Ideal For

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pelican garage mechanic headlamp


pelican outdoor led camping headlamp
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Special Features

Available on select models only

Tilt Head

Control the angle of the light and easily adapt to your applications

Gesture Controls

Keep your headlamp clean and activate the light with the wave of a hand


Utilize USB charging to keep your headlamp powered with the built-in battery


Expands your view by also illuminating below

pelican gesture motion activated headlamp

Hands-Free Lighting