Custom Case Design

Our Pelican engineers and partners will help you design the exact case you need for your equipment. Whether you provide CAD files or the physical sample, we can determine what you need for ultimate protection.

Case Foam - Four Ways to Design

Our customers are as diverse as their case applications- sophisticated engineers, government agencies and tech startups, to name just a few. That’s why we’ve developed a flexible approach to planning your foam design, even if it’s a “back of the envelope” sketch. Below are some of the ways we can get your project started:

Provide Pocket Dimensions

Customer supplies diagram with foam pocket dimensions.

Send Part CAD File

Customer provides equipment CAD file.

Send Physical Sample

Customer sends physical equipment or part.

Customer Provided Foam

Customer produces 3D foam CAD and uploads to Pelican .

Pruebas personalizadas

Se pueden solicitar pruebas de productos para aquellos clientes que necesiten asegurarse de que sus maletas cumplen una serie de requisitos. Hay disponible un gran número de rigurosas pruebas (véase a continuación) para replicar o superar las condiciones adversas que se pueden encontrar sobre el terreno.

Vibration Test  -   Watch the video

Drop Test  -   Watch the video

Submersion Test

Drop Test

  • Six foot cube reaction mass of reinforced concrete. A hoist capable of lifting 1 ton, and a quick release mechanism with a load capacity of 1⁄2 ton.

Impact Test

  • Falling dart – 84” drop height with darts weighing between 5 and 15 lbs.
  • Penetration test for category 1 containers - ATA 300 paragraph B-2-5.

Thermal Test

  • Walk in environmental chamber 6-foot wide by 8 foot high and 8 feet deep with a thermal range of -100°F to 200°F.

Immersion Test

  • Internal dimension of the chamber is 54” x 30 x 36”H. Able to simulate immersions up to 2 meters.
  • Small immersion tank capable of immersions up to 1 meter on small IM cases.
  • 80-inch deep large immersion tank

Rain Test

  • Small rain chamber capable of up to 4 inches per hour.

Pneumatic Pressure Test

  • Digital manometer – 10 psi max.

Vibration Test

  • L.A.B. servo hydraulic vibration system; 0 – 300 Hz.
  • Sinusoidal with pre programmed profiles for STA Integrity test procedures 11800, 14200, 1A, 1B, 1E, 1C, 1D, 2A AND 2B, 3–50Hzsweepwith1G constant input, 1-inch dwell for loose cargo bounce, Mil-Std-648C; 5.3.2.
  • Random Vibration with pre-programmed profiles for ASTM D 4169 Air/Truck/Rail levels 1, 2, and 3, and ISTA Integrity Test Procedures 1E, 1H, 1C, 1D, 1F, 3C, 3D, and 3E.

Mitutoyo Hardness Test

  • Metal evaluation of product used in cases.

Compression and Tensile Test

  • Instron compression tester.
  • Load range of 6600 lbs on small items.

Leak Test

  • Rain: Small rain chamber capable of up to 4 in. per hour.
  • Digital manometer - 10 psi max.

Injection Molded Cases

Product testing on randomly selected production samples of injection molded cases are performed as follows:

  • Drop Test - Varies by model number. 1510/im2500 tested to multiple 6’ drops, larger cases tested to 3’ drops.
  • Falling Dart Test - 28.4lb dart with 1” bullnose tip (all cases). Minimum 3’ drop height up to 8’ drop height on certain models.
  • Mobility Test - Models with wheels/trolleys towed with weight load at 5mph for 1000 yards (load varies by model).
  • Water Ingress - Most models are subject to a submersion test under 6” of water for 30 minutes. Otherwise a spray test of 3 minutes to each side is used.

Pruebas personalizadas

Avalamos nuestros productos y garantizamos su rendimiento. Con credenciales de facturación cmo la certificación ISO 2001:2008, Peli ha obtenido numerosos premios del Instituto Nacional de Ingeniería de Embalajes, Manipulación y Logística (NIPHLE).

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