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Flightline Series™ Case for DJI™ MATRICE™ 200 SERIES DRONE


The Matrice 200 Series Drone hard case is waterproof, dustproof, and crushproof. Protect your M200 or M210 all its accessories within the case's rugged hard shell and custom cut foam interior. Safely store Crystal Sky™ monitors, Cendence™ controller, camera box, and TB50/TB55 batteries wherever you go. This case also features a modular cavity that accepts alternate protective inserts for different sensors and cameras based on your needs today and into the future. The Flightline Series™ Case for the M200 Series is backed up with Pelican's Lifetime guarantee.


  • - DJI™ Matrice™ 200/210 V1/V2 and 210 RTK v2
  • - Remote Controller
  • - Batteries
  • - Charger Hub
  • - DJI™ Crystal Sky
  • - Landing Gear
  • - Lens/Sensor Boxes
  • - Props & More

Foam Configuration

pelican dji inspire 2 case foam
  • A DJI™ Matrice™ 200/210 V1/V2
  • B DJI™ TB50/TB55 Batteries
  • C Charger Hub
  • D Controller
  • E DJI™ Crystal Sky™ 7.85
  • F DJI™ Crystal Sky™ 5.5
  • G Landing Gear Cavity
  • H Prop Cavity
  • I Charger
  • J DJI™ Crystal Sky™ Battery
  • K 2 DJI™ TB50/TB55 Batteries via Removable Plug and DJI Camera/Lens Box
pelican dji matrice 200 series drone battery case

Flightline Series™ Carry-On Case for Additional Batteries

Case Catalog FLTBM200 Fits
  • 10 DJI™ TB50 Batteries plus
  • 10 DJI™ TB50/TB55 Batteries
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