Hard Coolers


8QT pelican 8qt hard cooler dark gray green
Personal Cooler
14QT pelican 14qt gray green personal cooler
Personal Cooler
20QT pelican 20qt elite cooler made in usa coolers
20QT Elite
30QT pelican green 30 quart fishing coolers
30QT Elite
50QT pelican super cooler 50qt marine coolers
50QT Elite
70QT pelican 70qt camping cooler outdoor coolers
70QT Elite
45QW pelican 45qw cooler gray wheeled coolers
45QW Elite
Wheeled Cooler
65W pelican cooler 65qw gray
65QW Elite
Wheeled Cooler
80QT pelican 80qt cooler gray wheeled coolers
80QW Elite
Wheeled Cooler
95QT pelican 95qt marine cooler fishing coolers
95QT Elite
150QT pelican 150qt marine fishing coolers
150QT Elite

Hard Coolers Built to Last

With decades of experience protecting your stuff with legendary hard cases, it only makes sense that Pelican builds some of the toughest hard coolers you can buy. Our go-anywhere, chill-anything feats of cooling genius keep your food and beverages cold for up to 10 days. That’s right! No more soggy sandwiches or floating beer cans ever again. Load up your Pelican icebox cooler for any adventure, from a day at the beach to a tailgating marathon.

Shop Hard Coolers in Multiple Sizes

Each and every heavy-duty cooler from Pelican is built to last a lifetime with the toughest materials in the business, like built-in trolley handles and corrosion-resistant, stainless steel hardware. Our premium coolers feature convenient extras, such as heavy-duty wheels, built-in bottle openers and — for all you anglers out there — integrated fish scales. Pick up a Pelican Elite cooler in sizes ranging from 20-quart for your day expeditions to 250-quart for your extended camping trips and parties.