Pistol Cases





Keep Your Handgun Secure in a Pistol Case

Protect your firearms from damage and tampering with a hard pistol case from Pelican. From trips to the range and long-term storage at home, these gun cases are designed to encase your handguns or pistols. Pelican’s high-quality pistol cases shield your handguns from moisture, dust, and impact. Explore different styles in various shapes and sizes to find a pistol case tailored to your firearm.

Hard Pistol Cases That Protect Your Investment

A Pelican gun case can extend the life of your handgun and prevent costly, time-consuming repairs. Features such as automatic pressure equalization valves make these cases ideal for storing your most precious pistols and ammo. If you need to store extra ammunition, Pelican ammo cases will keep your entire arsenal in top condition.

Traveling with your handgun? Always verify specifications with the airline and use TSA-approved locks when checking your gun case. Driving with your handgun? Review your local laws and consider a lockable pistol case from Pelican to remain compliant.