Long Cases


1755 pelican air 1755 long case
1755 Air
Long Case
Interior: 55 x 14 x 8"
1745BOW pelican air 1745bow hunting archery case
1745BOW Air
Bow Case
Interior: 44 x 16.8 x 7.9"
1745 pelican 1745 air case long hunting rifle case
1745 Air
Long Case
Interior: 44 x 16.8 x 7.9"

Discover Long Cases for Rifles and Gear

Not all gear fits into a nice little box, but that’s no problem when you’ve got Pelican long cases. These crushproof cases were made to protect everything that doesn’t fit in a standard square box. Pick up a long Pelican case for your rifles, guns, fishing poles, photography equipment, musical instruments and more. Whether you need a travel-friendly guitar case or watertight rifle storage, a long case from Pelican will do the trick. If you’re protecting a rifle, consider a Pelican ammo case for safe ammunition storage.

Great for Storage and Transport

As always, our cases deliver on every front — they’re waterproof, crushproof and dustproof to keep your gear safe wherever you go. High-impact polymer, stainless steel hardware and automatic purge valves make these the best cases on Earth. Find a long hard case with or without wheels for effortless transport or choose one with padlock protectors for extra security. No matter what you need to protect or transport, Pelican has a long storage case that fits.