Camera Cases


1650 pelican padded rolling waterproof case
1650 Protector
Camera Cases
Interior: 28.6 x 17.5 x 10.7"
1600 pelican 1600 black foam protector case
1600 Protector
Interior: 21.5 x 16.5 x 8"
1510 pelican 1510 case carry on protective foam
1510 Protector
Carry-On Case
Interior: 19.8 x 11 x 7.6"
1550 pelican 1550 black crushproof foam case
1550 Protector
Interior: 18.6 x 14.2 x 7.7"
1500 pelican 1500 hard camera case watertight
1500 Protector
Interior: 16.8 x 11.2 x 6.1"
1450 pelican 1450 protective gun weapon case
1450 Protector
Interior: 14.7 x 10.2 x 6.1"
1400 pelican 1400 hard laptop case waterproof
1400 Protector
Interior: 11.8 x 8.9 x 5.2"

Discover Our Collection of Camera Cases

Protect your camera with a rugged Pelican camera case. Like all of our cases, these camera hard cases are built Pelican tough and designed with all the rugged features a photographer could ask for to keep their equipment safe and secure. With soft foam inserts and a watertight, silicone O-ring lid gasket, each Pelican camera case offers extreme water-resistance and a dustproof outer shell that is practically impenetrable. Each hard shell camera case is also shock-proof, keeping expensive camera equipment fastened inside its lightweight open cell core.

The Perfect Travel Case for Cameras

Pelican camera cases are ideal travel cases for your camera. Camera cases from the Pelican Air series provide extra features that make air travel a breeze. Discover features like a retractable extension handle that locks in place and stainless steel wheels that glide your photo gear smoothly. With an automatic purge valve, your camera case can balance air pressure while in flight and be used as carry-on luggage to keep your gear on you at all times. Many cases even offer a space to store notebook computers and laptops.