Transporting Combat Robots

July 23, 2018

RioBotz Team, PUC-Rio University, Rio de Janeiro Brazil

"RioBotz is a team from PUC-Rio University in Rio de Janeiro that builds combat robots. We're one of the biggest in the world and we've won more than 100 titles over our 10 years of existence.

Combat robots need to be tough! Their structure is made from high grade materials, like aeronautic and naval aluminum, specials steels and titanium. But they aren't completely tough; they also have fragile parts, like electronics and batteries that need to remain intact until the match ends.

One of the biggest problems about robotic competition is transportation. Imagine carrying extremely fragile components, heavy parts, sharp pieces of steel and other robotic parts around the world without any damage? Every year, we need to carry about 2,000lbs of such equipment per competition.

Most of our previous cases only withstood a single trip (or less), being destroyed during the transportation while carrying each 70lb worth of metal parts. Even when those cases survived they didn't appropriately protect all our expensive and custom-made equipment. With our Pelican cases, we can transport everything safely, from motors to electronics. We also use them to keep our tools and spare robot parts during the event. Pelican cases let us transport our equipment from Brazil to anywhere in the world, allowing us to compete in high-level competitions and achieving great results!"