The Safest Way To Drag a Laptop

July 23, 2018

I wanted to share that my S100 backpack saved my computer and quite possibly my job.

A few days ago, I had set off for work in a hurry. I set my backpack behind the car to be put in the trunk, but remembered I left my keys inside the house. I forgot about the backpack, and backed down the driveway. Five minutes later I realized what I had done and pulled over. I had dragged the backpack for about 2 miles behind the car. The backpack straps were in shreds and the waterproof case was ground down a quarter inch, but the laptop was fine. My tablet was fine too. All of my client data was safe, and in any other backpack I know the outcome would not have been the same.

As a field engineer, I put this backpack to good use and this is the best rugged laptop bag I have ever owned.