Washed Up on a Beach

July 23, 2018

Dr. Michael Townsend, Marine Ecologist

This is a testament to how awesome your cases are. I lost it in Kaipara Harbour and it washed up on a beach on the Awhitu Peninsula about a month later. The west coast of New Zealand is pretty rugged with big swells and a harsh marine environment. It would have been pounded on its way in before being dumped on the high water mark. The case had definitely been floating around for most of the month it was lost – just by the size of the goose barnacles which have started to encrust it. Also, from the barnacle growth, I can tell it had spent nearly all of its time with the seal below the water line. When the case was opened it was clear there hadn’t been any leaks and the O-ring had worked a treat (slight moisture inside was from condensation only). All my gear was returned to me (by a kind soul called John) and my phone was working fine. I’d entirely given up hope of getting it back and some people I spoke to, reckoned it would be on the bottom of the ocean (I heard, “yeah those cases are waterproof, but they’re not THAT waterproof”, it was nice to prove those people wrong and get all my belongings back). I use Pelican cases regularly in my work, recognising them as the best available. I also use the Pelican laptop case (as well as my grey 1400) when I’m out on the boat and my boss uses various cases when he takes his gear down to Antarctica!

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