Pelican Product Spotlight: The Best Cigar Humidor

August 23, 2022

Like a bottle of fine wine, a good cigar needs time and the right environment to achieve the best possible flavor. If you need a way to store your cigars long-term and keep them safe from adverse temperatures and humidity levels, the best solution is to use a humidor case.

What to Look for in a Cigar Humidor

The primary purpose of a cigar humidor is to store your fine tobacco in ideal conditions, keeping the temperature, airflow, and humidity levels as precisely controlled as possible. Without these conditions, the tobacco compounds will degrade and lose flavor.

A well-made cigar humidor should have the following critical features:

  • Internal capacity: Generally, when looking for the right humidor size, keep the case’s fill rate between 50 and 75%. For example, a 100-cigar case should store 50 to 75 cigars. Having enough empty space provides your stogies with the airflow they need to prevent temperature and humidity imbalances, potentially ruining your collection.
  • Form factor: Cigar humidors are available in multiple shapes and sizes, depending on the size of your collection and your storage needs. You can find small, portable humidor cases designed for traveling and large home cabinets capable of storing over 1,500 cigars.
  • Multiple compartments: A quality humidor case should support dividers, separators, and trays to let you safely store cigars of different brands, vitolas, types, and flavors.
  • Robust materials: Travel humidors must feature a sturdy, impact- and puncture-resistant construction to prevent the cigars from being damaged or exposed to the outside air.
  • Sealed against the environment: A sealed humidor ensures that no matter how hot, cold, dry, or humid the outside climate is, your cigars remain at the perfect temperature: 70% relative humidity at 70°F.

r40 ruck tan case

The Ultimate Travel Humidor

The Pelican Personal Utility Ruck Case is an excellent choice for fine tobacco enthusiasts looking for a durable, reusable travel cigar humidor. Available in multiple sizes to meet your storage needs, features a high-strength, impact-proof ABS shell, along with a range of desirable features for storing and organizing your cigars.

The Pelican R60, which is the largest Ruck case, is IP68-rated, making it certified resistant against dirt, snow, and dust. It is also sealed and fully waterproof at up to 2 meters for 30 minutes. The built-in pressure valve helps keep the interior storage space at the ideal air pressure level, providing the perfect environment for protecting your fine tobacco collection.

The Pelican R60 also includes removable divider trays, ideal for storing different cigars, and a humidity pack. Its generous internal dimensions (8.9” in length, 5.4” in depth, and 3.0” in height) allow you to store up to 10-15 cigars in a variety of formats, including Corona Grandes, Piramides, Cazadores, and Lanceros.

Pelican Ruck Cases available in four colors: black, hunter orange, tan, and OD green and come in three different sizes — R20 Ruck, R40 Ruck, and R60 Ruck. This lightweight case is easy to transport and handle, ensuring you always have access to your cigars even when packing light.

cigar ruck case

Transport Your Gear with Pelican

Pelican Products is America’s leading protective case manufacturer, trusted by professionals and hobbyists worldwide to protect gear and equipment of all types and sizes. Browse our large selection of cases today and keep your gear safe and secure.

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