The Best Gun Cases to Protect Your Firearms

October 24, 2022

Featured: V770 Vault Single Rifle Case


When it comes to firearms, there are a few accessories that are critical, one being a high-quality gun case.

The best gun cases will serve to protect your firearm from impacts, harsh weather conditions, keep it dry when stored and generally keep it in pristine condition when traveling, in the field or stashing it away until a later date.

However, there are a panoply variety of different gun cases on the market today, coming in different sizes, styles, materials and more. Thus, figuring out the best gun case for your specific wants and needs can be a little difficult.

While many of today’s modern rifles are well-constructed and darn near indestructible, ensuring your optics or scope alignment remains perfectly dialed in, that rust does not develop anywhere on the weapon and that similar issues do not arise, investing in a top-tier gun case is a wise move for anyone who wants to keep their equipment in ideal operating condition. Additionally, if you plan on traveling to hunt, getting a TSA-approved case is necessary.

With that said, today, we will explore some of the best gun cases that money can buy. But before diving into the details, let’s take a look at some considerations when buying a case for your pistol, rifle or other types of firearms.

Buying the Best Gun Case: Five Crucial Considerations

Given the diversity that exists among gun cases, there are several elements that will need to be taken into consideration prior to making a purchase. Some of the most important factors to consider include:

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Different gun cases exist for different types of firearms. If you are looking for a case for a pistol, this will drastically change the cases that you decide to pursue. The same goes for those looking for < a href="">different kinds of rifle cases.

However, you might not even be looking to buy the best gun case for your needs but the best ammo case for your situation. Again, this alters your case options dramatically.


The types of materials employed to make a gun case are going to be one of its defining features. For instance, hard gun cases with exteriors made from polymers with internal foam padding are going to be far superior at protecting a firearm than soft cases made from nylons, leathers and similar materials.


Some gun cases are only equipped to hold a single firearm. However, others can hold multiple rifles or even a small collection of pistols. Thus, it is important to determine how many firearms you want the case to hold.

TSA Compliance

If you need to travel by plane with your firearm, you’re going to need a case that meets the standards laid out by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

According to TSA rules on transporting firearms and ammunition, these materials must be “in a locked hard-sided container as checked baggage only.” Therefore, if you are going to be flying with your weapon, procuring a hard case with locking loops is necessary.


Gun cases have a wide range of prices. Cases can be purchased anywhere from $20 to several hundred, depending on factors such as size, quality, features and more.

However, as with most things, quality usually comes at a price, which means that you aren’t likely to find many top-tier cases at bargain basement prices. If you are serious about protecting your firearm (which is likely expensive in its own right), it is best to shell out and buy the good stuff.

That said, let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the best gun cases available today.

Best Gun Cases for Your Rifle

For rifle owners, there are a handful of different fantastic cases to choose from, including:

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Featured: iM3300 Storm Long Case


iM3300 Storm Long Case

For those who are familiar with the Pelican brand, you already know that the company has a long history of providing cases tough enough to withstand the harshest conditions on earth and are in use by a variety of government and military agencies.

The Pelican Storm case line provides the same legendary levels of toughness known in our Protector series. However, Storm cases, such as the iM3300 Storm Long Case, come equipped with six unique Press and Pull latches that lock automatically yet open easily.

Dustproof, watertight, crushproof and accompanied by a lifetime guarantee, the iM3300 Storm Long Case is constructed from strong HPX® resin, making the case lightweight yet incredibly durable.

Additionally, this case is outfitted with three double-layered, soft grip handles, polyurethane wheels and stainless steel ball bearings, thereby making the case easy to transport.

The iM3300 also features an O-ring seal, four hasps for padlocks and a Vortex™ Valve to balance the case’s internal pressure and prevent vacuum lock.

The case’s internal dimensions measure 50.50 x 14.00 x 6.00 inches, easily accommodating a multitude of different models of rifles.

1750 Protector Case

Made to protect your equipment, the 1750 Protector Case is ready to guard your gear on your next adventure. The Protector case series feature the original model for Pelican cases. While this is a classic design, don’t doubt its rugged characteristics.

With interior dimensions of 50.38 x 13.33 x 5.33 inches, the 1750 is designed specifically for longer firearms and related accessories. Because the 1750 was created for this purpose, the case features a strong design while still being lightweight enough to carry.

Made from high-impact Polypropylene and equipped with multiple layers of protective foam, the 1750 provides superior protection for rifles and shotguns with its crushproof, dustproof and weatherproof design.

Armed with Stainless steel hardware and padlock protectors, this case ensures that your equipment will be safe as it travels from point A to point B. It also features bosses in the lid to allow for mounting our EZ-Click™ MOLLE Panel lid accessory that provides additional storage customization.

The 1750 Case also comes with a pressure release valve to equalize pressure caused by altitude or temperature changes, heavy-duty carrying handles and a host of other premium protective features.

pelican blog 272 V800 vgault double rifle case

Featured: V800 Vault Double Rifle Case


V800 Vault Double Rifle Case

If the V700 sounds great to you but you need something a bit bigger, then the V800 Vault Double Rifle Case is likely to be the best gun case for your needs.

The V800 Vault Double Rifle Case offers all of the same great features as the V700 but in a larger package. The V800 Vault Double Rifle Case’s interior dimensions of 53.00 x 16.00 x 6.00 inches allow it to easily accommodate two scoped rifles.

Additionally, because of the case’s increased profile, the V800 Vault Double Rifle case features polyurethane wheels and stainless steel ball bearings and three heavy-duty handles to get your guns where they need to go with ease.

Crushproof, dustproof, weather resistant and coming in at a price that won’t break the bank, the V800 Vault Double Rifle Case is the best of all worlds.

Best Gun Cases for Your Pistol

As there are several fantastic Pelican rifle cases available, the same is true for pistols. Some of the best pistol cases Pelican offers include:

1170 Protector Case

Hailing from Pelican’s most infamous and widely-used line of cases, the 1170 Protector Case provides handguns with the ultimate in protection.

Watertight, crushproof and dustproof, the 1170 Protector ensures that your pistols are completely protected from the elements. Featuring two double-throw latches, two hasps for affixing padlocks, all stainless steel hardware and Pick N Pluck™ with convoluted lid foam, this case is the pinnacle in pistol protection.

Like the cases mentioned before it, the 1170 Protector Case features an automatic pressure equalization valve to prevent vacuum lock. Unlike the cases mentioned previously, this pistol case comes in a wide range of colors, including:

  • Black
  • Orange
  • Desert Tan
  • OD Green
  • Silver
  • Yellow

With interior dimensions of 11.64 x 8.34 x 3.78 inches, the 1170 Protector Case is perfect for safeguarding a single pistol, a magazine or two and possibly some accessories, such as a red dot.

pelican blog 272 V200 vault pistol case

Featured: V200 Vault Medium Pistol Case


V200 Vault Medium Pistol Case

Part of the previously-discussed Vault line of cases, the V200 Vault Medium Pistol Case is a larger option for those looking to secure larger handguns, multiple handguns or even additional magazines or accessories.

Internally measuring 14.00 x 10.00 x 5.50 inches, the V200 is made from high-impact polymer and features a crushproof, dustproof, weather resistant design and is lined with four layers of protective foam, making this case perfect for transporting handguns via road, trail or air.

Additionally, this case features a heavy-duty ergonomic handle, two push button latches and two stainless steel hasps for locking the case with padlocks.

If you need to store, transport and protect larger handguns or a small collection of pistols, the V200 Vault Medium Pistol Case is the ideal tool for the job.


Best Gun Cases for Your Ammunition

While all of the aforementioned cases are top-tier selections, it is necessary to have a dedicated case for your ammo to transport it through airports or store it indefinitely. In this arena, the best cases for holding ammo include:

R60 Personal Utility Ruck Case

With internal dimensions of 8.90 x 5.37 x 2.96 inches, the R60 Personal Utility Ruck Case is perfect for storing several boxes of ammunition (along with a magazine loader) or other small items that are necessary for range days, such as trauma equipment.

pelican blog 272 R60 ruck case

Featured: R60 Personal Utility Ruck Case


IP68-rated protection from water, dirt, snow and dust, the R60 Personal Utility Ruck Case comes equipped with an integrated pressure release valve, rubberized protective bumpers, is waterproof up to two meters for up to 30 minutes and is constructed from an abrasion- and impact-proof ABS outer shell.

The R60 also features great organizational options such as a snap in, flexible lid organizer, a MOLLE style loop system with Velcro straps and a divider tray.

Like many of Pelican’s other products, the R60 Personal Utility Ruck Case comes with a lifetime guarantee.

V250 Vault Ammo Case

If you’re looking to transport or store more than just a few boxes of ammo, the V250 Vault Ammo Case is perfect for safeguarding a significant number of rounds for an extended period of time. The case’s interior dimensions measure 12.70 x 6.30 x 10.00 inches, providing a full 0.46 ft³ of storage space for your ammo, accessories and other sorts of gear.

Constructed from a proprietary blend of high-impact polymer, the V250 is crushproof, dustproof and has a weather resistant design that ensures your ammunition stays safe and dry, no matter its surroundings.

As with other designs in the Vault lineup, the V250 Vault Ammo Case comes with a single push button latch that simultaneously offers secure closure and easy access. For those who plan to fly with the ammo case, the V250 features two stainless steel lined hasps for padlocks, as well as an automatic purge valve to equalize the case’s internal pressure to its surroundings.

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Picking the Best Gun Case for Your Needs

When it comes to selecting the best gun case for your weapons, it is important to find one that is an ideal match for not just your guns but the situations you plan to face.

Among the variety of cases listed above, you are sure to find a great design that fits your wants and needs, enabling you to transport and store your guns and gear with the utmost protection and security.

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