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Disaster Essentials from Pelican

For over 40 years, Pelican has supplied products to help with natural disasters around the globe. Now the Covid-19 Pandemic is upon us and Pelican stands ready to get you the equipment protection and lighting supplies you need. Our multiple distribution centers enable us to rush our in-stock products to you now.

Protector Cases

Used for carrying and shipping sensitive items such as test equipment, ventilators and other medical equipment to ensure precious cargo arrives on scene, working and ready to go.

Rapid Deployment Field Desks

For quick office set ups out in the field or wherever needed.

EMS Cases

Enables you to organize and find your supplies in seconds when time is of the essence. Sterilizable trays and case.

Remote Area Lighting Systems

For triage areas, as well as hand held flashlights and temporary shelter lighting to keep your efforts moving through the night. When the sun goes down, your efforts can't stop.


Sterilizable stainless steel drawers protect crucial supplies in brutal environments.


The lightweight standard in stackable containers with top trays for organizing essential materials.

Trust Pelican for the protection and lighting you need now.

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