Tough and Versatile

Pelican’s tactical lights are field ready, built to withstand the hard knocks that come with the job. Each intense, focused beam provides downrange visibility and peripheral lighting aids in situational awareness.

Ideal For

peican law enforcemnet police flashlight

Military Government

pelican policy heavy duty led flashlight

Law Enforcement

pelican personal safety tactical light

Personal Safety

pelican tactical 7600 led flashlight
pelican tactical police military led flashlight
pelican military bright mounted flashlight

Special Features

Available on select models only

Momentary Switch

Engage the light temporarily when the button is depressed


Stay powered on with the convenience, reliability and durability of rechargeable batteries

Dual Switch Technology

Allows the light to be activated by a forward or rear mounted switch for general or tactical use

Battery Level Indicator

Provides a visual indication of the battery's remaining power

pelican momentary tail switch tactical light

Field Ready