pelican trimcast australian spacecase cases

Coordinated Global System

Pelican-Trimcast designs and manufactures solutions in Australia for both local and international customers. Further, we draw together the design and production capabilities in Pelican facilities on all the continents across the globe, which amplifies the available depth and breadth of size and solution expertise from cumulatively several hundred years of experience. This network of centres enables Pelican-Trimcast to continue to support customers no matter where their equipment travels to.

pelican spacecase advanced case centers

Advanced Case Centres

Our innovative Advanced Case Centres exemplify Pelican's versatility as regional resources linking customers of every size with our full scope of capabilities.

  • Regional design and fabrication
  • Highly agile cross-trained teams
  • Precision foam cutting, integration and kitting

pelican trimcast custom designed cases

Highly agile cross-trained teams Advanced Technical Sales Support

Pelican-Trimcast sales representatives are the leading advisors in the field, with experience in origination through delivery for every scale program from multi-million dollar military projects to high-complexity, single-unit customisations.

  • Factory trained technical sales team
  • Dedicated major programs group

pelican spacecase trimcast custom case

Industry-Leading Design Engineering and Manufacturing

Unmatched agility and responsiveness across multiple manufacturing facilities provides an advanced quality control and cohesive production process for quick turnarounds and on-time delivery.

  • Industry-leading design team
  • Experienced project management
  • Significant mil-spec design capabilities
  • Multiple manufacturing sites
  • Largest slection of injection and roto case sizes
  • Extensive internal metal-working capabilities
  • In-house test laboratory
  • Government first article on-site approvals
  • Extensive government contract administration