Industrial Bin Lids

Pelican-Trimcast Industrial Skip Bin Lids

Pelican-Trimcast Industrial Bin Lids are manufactured locally in Australia from high quality, UV stabilised plastic and are uniquely designed with a number of features to meet the requirements of the Australian Waste Management market.

  • Designed to fit 1.5m and 3.0m front-lift industrial bins
  • Specially designed for maximum strength and rigidity
  • Rotationally moulded from Linear Low-density Polyethylene plastic
  • UV stabilised to endure the harsh Australian climate
  • Unique ribbing provides a streamline finish and allows for safe stacking during transport and storage
  • Features reinforced hinge area for maximum durability
  • Fitted with corrosion resistant hardware
  • Finger grips at the front of lid for user safety and comfort when lifting
  • Incorporates 3 in-moulded lid-stay positions as standard, for the easy attachment of a lid stay using a through bolt
  • Ability to add personalized logo’s or branding through hot-stamping
  • Multiple hinge bar locations:
    - 30mm diameter holes
    - 30mm or 60mm hinge bar hole locations
pelican-trimcast industrial skip bin lids

Bin Lid Dimensions

Lid Size (m3) 1.5m 3m
L (mm) 1040 +8, -0 1490 +12, -0
B (mm) 220 250
S (mm) 270 300
C (mm) 320 350
pelican-trimcast skip bin lids measurement

Color Options









pelican-trimcast skip bin lid colors

Bin Lid Specifications

Size Options Weight Lid Hardware
1.5m = 6.5 kg
3.0m = 10kg
Linear Low Density Polyethylene Brass Threads