Custom Case Foam

Protecting fragile and vital equipment can often be accomplished using custom-cut foam fitted to your equipment. The correct foam must support the mass load and still cushion sensitive equipment from impact forces. There are numerous foam properties that influence foam selection from anti-bacterial foam, which is helpful for preventing mold growth in humid environments, to anti-static foam which protects delicate electronics.

Pelican Products, Inc is proud to have pioneered many processes for the correct use of foam in technical packaging. More than 40 years ago we developed the original “Fragility Curve” table, still in use around the world today.

Not all foam is created equal. Pelican-Trimcast offers a large variety of foam options to suit multiple applications and or requirements:

  • Anti-Static (AS)
  • Fire Resistant (FR)
  • Closed/Open Cell Foams
  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • Polyuthane (PU)
  • EVA
  • Ethafoam ®
  • Military or Commercial grade foams
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Fabricating Custom Foam Parts

Pelican’s Case Centers are equipped with state of the art equipment for reliable, uniform foam parts. Computer controlled high speed water jet cutters rapidly produce precision “gang run” parts from foam sheets up to 8 feet wide. Pelican technicians use a variety of adhesives and raw materials to assemble layered foam parts into a single unit for the ultimate in equipment protection. From 25 foot long helicopter blades to micro-surgery instruments, we’ve seen it all.

CNC Case Foam Routing

Custom Foam Die Cutting

Cradle Suspension Systems

Shock from drops and vibration can be detrimental to electronics and sensitive equipment. Our cradle suspension systems are custom designed to mitigate these harmful forces. Pelican engineers can design custom solutions to protect equipment from shock and impact down to 15Gs.

Heavy or extremely fragile equipment sometimes requires fabrication of custom deck mount suspension systems. Pelican’s machine shop is world-class, with punch press, metal CNC, certified welders and finishing services demanded by the aerospace, defense and medical industries.

Watch the Cradle Suspension Systems video

Wire Rope Isolator Cradle Mount

Welded Cradle Mount

Shock Mount Isolators

Custom Logo and Colours

Personalise the outside of your case to incorporate your company’s branding. Add a custom logo decal or engraved name plate.

Engraved name plate

Custom Logo Decal

Optional Colours (for Single Lid and Rack Mount cases)

Trim Blue
Trim Grey
Light Blue
Light Green
Dark Green

Standard Case Accessories

available for most Single-Lid, Deck-Lid and Rack Mount.

Pelican case edge caster wheels

Bolt-Through Edge Caster

Pelican custom swivel case casters

Bottom Caster (3.5" and 5" available)

Pelican case caster lid storage

Caster Storage in Lid

Pelican case handles custom made

Metal or Comfort Grip Handles

Pelican case handles

Extra Handles

Pelican case card holder

Card Holder

Pelican custom id plate label

ID Plate

Pelican custom case labels

Front Labels

Pelican customized case labels

Standard Labels

Pelican custom stenciling case stencil print

Custom Stenciling

Pelican case air pressure valve


Pelican case latches coupling

Coupling Catches

Pelican case humidity indicator

Humidity Indicator

Pelican case lid hanger option

Lid Hangers

Pelican custom case lid storage pouch

Lid Storage Pouch

Pelican case lfit rings tie downs

Lift Rings/ Tie Down Rings

Pelican case chair leg table kit

Leg Kit Chair or Table

Pelican cases lock cable latch

Lockable Cable Catch (1 set of 4 ea)