What it means to be a Safety Certified Light

May 7, 2017

One of the most important considerations when choosing a professional, Safety Certified Light is the safety requirement for your particular environment and the needed, corresponding certification of your light - whether on an oil rig, down within a mine with combustibles or just for preparedness in emergency situations, it’s imperative to choose the light that best fits the environment and fully considers all safety precautions in the exact moment you need it.

Safety Certificated Light includes a variety of considerations and compliance requirements - an intricate process that demands extensive testing and certifications from the most knowledgeable in the industry. All Pelican Safety Certified lights are crafted to be in accordance with the criteria set forth by the National Electric Code, a publication of the National Fire Protection Association, which classifies hazardous locations by: the properties within the hazardous materials, as well as the likelihood of flammable concentrations being present. Strict safety codes are put in place to ensure that each light is equipped for its corresponding environment.

One of the most common misconceptions when considering a safety certified light is that purchasing a Class I Division 1 light means that you have covered any and all Classes. To learn more about how to choose a flashlight for use in hazardous locations, download our whitepaper here. Pelican doesn’t take these stipulations lightly, and has specifically designed their flashlights to excel in the four areas in which the National Electric Code classifies hazardous locations: Class, Division, Group and Ignition Temperature.

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From an engineering standpoint, the challenge is developing a flashlight that has all the of these precautions built in, without sacrificing the power and output needed to be your go-to lighting source. At Pelican, while Safety Certification comes first, performance comes in a close second - producing a line of flashlights that complies with the most rigorous safety codes and surpasses previously-believed illumination limitations. Learn more about Pelican’s Safety Certified Lights here and remember the importance of ensuring safety certification as you make all of your future lighting purchase decisions.