Pelican's Waterproof Phone Case Testimonial: Capsized

May 30, 2017

We rely on our protective gear to live up to its promises, perform as described, keep equipment safe and dry and accessible at a moment’s notice. It’s important for a product to hold true to high standards. And in this instance, it was vital.

Returning to land from a duck hunting trip accompanied by teenage son James Jr. and family friend Kendrick, James Knipe and passengers had to act fast when they found themselves treading water alongside their capsized vessel just off Long Island. Submerged in the chilling 45 degree waters of Mount Sinai Harbor, Knipe was running out of options before the impending hypothermia set in. However, these outdoorsmen came prepared, sealing their sole cell phone in an airtight, waterproof Pelican C24040 Protective Marine Case.

James Jr. was able to dial out in moments to connect with emergency services, with the cell phone still dry and functioning despite the freezing wet conditions. Shortly after, responding police officers and members of the fire department were able to rescue the hunters via an inflatable raft and promptly returned them back to the safety of the shoreline. All three were then immediately transported to local hospitals for treatment of exposure and hypothermia - leaving them all safe and sound after a harrowing day.

“I think that phone saved our lives,” James Jr. disclosed while referring back to his close encounter. Knipe also emphasized their collective gratitude for the rescuers, saying, “Thank God they were there, because if they didn’t come, we wouldn’t have made it back.” At 45 degrees, a person can go into hypothermia in less than 20 minutes. Without being able to immediately call 911, the accident could have resulted in a devastating tragedy.

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A waterproof phone case should be on the gear list of every hunter and fisherman who spends time on the water. At Pelican, we pride ourselves on creating only the best. It’s always better to be prepared and not need emergency equipment, than to need emergency equipment and not be prepared. And, we commend these hunters for diligent preparation and quick thinking in the most extreme circumstances.

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