Pelican Profiles in Courage: Erika Kirk LAPD

May 13, 2019

Today is Peace Officer’s Memorial Day - a moment where we take time to honor what it takes to enforce the laws that keep our society fair and even for all. A tremendous sacrifice, an undeniably volatile lifestyle - constantly working with the most extreme, violent and vulnerable elements of our community.

We’re proud to introduce Pelican Profiles in Courage: Courageous Women: an expose on those amongst us that require an extra moment of consideration and thanks. This first example is a female excelling within a field historically dominated by men. Her success, grit and courage pause our busy lives, make us listen and inspire us.

Los Angeles Police Department Officer Erika Kirk worked in vice for a number of years where she went undercover to help protect the most vulnerable individuals in our society from the evils of human and sex trafficking. Her work included high-risk situations embedded with crime organizations and numerous physical engagements with suspects at the time of their arrest. These tasks would make anyone have second thoughts about their occupation, but not Erika - she says she can't imagine her life not being on the beat.

Officer Kirk is now a community liaison for the department where she helps strengthen the critical bond between the department and the community. Her presence is undeniable acting as community liaison she is friendly and approachable, but when needed she can switch to enforcement, leaving us inspired by her dynamic personality, she does the badge honor. We salute Officer Kirk for her tremendous and impactful work, making our community and city a safer place.

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Featured in this video is the Pelican 7600 tactical flashlight, which is standard issue for some of the largest departments in the country, also featured is the all-new Pelican Air 1745 Long Case. A special thanks to the LAPD and to Erika.