Pelican Professional Beta Tester Program 2017

October 1, 2017

Pelican is proud to announce the brand’s first commercially focused Beta Tester Program, highlighting professionals counting on Pelican products to perform within their industries. Launching with a group of 4 Beta Testers, please join us in welcoming them into the program - we hope their insights provide a unique and relevant look into how our products are Built to Protect and perform on the job.

pelican professional blog beta tester 2017 roy pena

Handpicked by the Bakersfield Fire Department to document their history as it happens, Roy Pena is no stranger to the world of firefighting. A multi-year veteran, Pena strives to deliver the best content possible alongside his volunteer team of freelance photographers. Although routinely serving to film as a means of training purposes, arson investigation, or preservation, the situations Roy and his colleagues find themselves in are often more than they bargained for. “It’s definitely an adrenaline rush,” notes Pena of his late nights and early mornings dodging near-death situations. With the risk of lenses, rigs, and memory cards being destroyed, his new favorite Pelican Air Case with Trekpak will make uncertainty a thing of the past.

pelican professional blog beta tester 2017 jason moser

Jason Moser has specialized in welding and fabrication of heavy equipment for over 25 years. Now the owner of his own shop located in Batesville, Arkansas, “Moser Fab” produces custom lighting and furniture from materials like copper, brass and stainless steel. Convinced by his children to share his modern takes of traditional welding methods on Instagram, Moser’s discovered a tight-knit community that he now collaborates with on his many projects. Though a self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades, Moser has “found a little niche” for himself by providing a unique perspective for his clients.

pelican professional blog beta tester 2017 brandon barsugli

Brandon Barsugli is a part-time firefighter and photojournalist that resides in Forest Falls, CA. In addition to fighting fires himself, Barsugli captures photography both on the scene and in trainings, giving his audience a behind-the-scenes look at the world of firefighting and massive wildfires that often rage on the California coast. Barsugli’s go-to Pelican’s Air Case helps keep his photography equipment safe during transport, while his 9420XL LED Work Light Kit illuminates the sky for his night photoshoots. When he’s not perfecting the images he captures, Barsugli is on the front lines, battling against some of Southern California’s most rampant wildfires.

pelican professional blog beta tester 2017 gregory boydston

Living in the Eastern Sierra mountain range, Gregg Boydston is a professional photographer, known for capturing captivating imagery both of the commercial products he shoots and California wildfires through his work as a California firefighter. Gregg developed his creative side of work with animation, drawing, and photography, ultimately exercising his hobbies during his tenure with Apple, Inc. Though Boydston now works for the Forest Service, he still spends time outside with his camera—no matter if he's shooting a wildfire or the serene landscapes of California.

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