Pelican Pro Team Holiday Gift Guide

November 18, 2020

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the value of being prepared. Give yourself the gift of preparedness this season, with all the peace of mind that comes with it. To that end, we’ve asked our roster of all-star Pelican PRO Team members to help us construct a list of their favorite Holiday giftable gear, and the results are nothing short of a preppers dream inventory of Pelican Cases, Coolers and Lights.

See below for our extended list of Pro Team Members, and their favorite gifts for this Holiday season:

Alex Kavanagh | @dronegear @drone.pilot

alex kavanagh
alex kavanagh 1535 air

Alex is a CASA & FAA certified drone pilot from Sydney, Australia who founded @DRONEGEAR in 2013 for certified drone pilots across the world.

“The Pelican Air 1535 is my go to for all my photo/video and expensive lenses.” Especially with the Carry-On size, and retractable roller handle - the Pelican Air is every drone pilots best friend.

Britton Spark | @couchchronicles

britton spark
britton spark r40 case

Britton is a Northeastern based graphic designer and photographer that currently resides in Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

The R40 Ruck Case is really impressive and certainly lives up to the legacy of the Pelican MicroCase. For me, this case is one of the most versatile - allowing me to always throw my essentials into my Ruck on my way out the door, knowing they're protected no matter what the elements bring that day.

Chris Vanderschaaf | @chrisvtv

chris vanderschaaf
chris vanderschaaf 10oz tumbler

Chris is a phantom high speed camera owner/operator and motion control robotics specialist.

Chris is often on-set, pulling long hours adjusting automated hi-speed cameras to capture that perfect slow motion sequence - but first, coffee. The Pelican 10oz Tumbler, with its spill-proof lid helps keep Chris’ beverage on point and his focus sharp.

Benjamin Hardman | @benjaminhardman

benjamin hardman
benjamin hardman 1510 case

Benjamin is an Australian freelance landscape photographer based in Iceland.

“I love the Pelican 1510 carry-on case. I take it everywhere with me and it has been a huge level up from carrying my equipment in extreme situations with my old, soft-sided camera bag.”

Bradley Pigage | @646_photography

bradley pigage
bradley pigage 1600 protector case

Bradley is a photographer and Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Swimmer based in Kodiak, Alaska.

“In a profession with a lot of gear, it’s important to protect it. I have a couple iM2975 Storm Cases I travel with that do just that. For camera gear, I trust my 1600 protector case. No other case can fully protect my gear.”

Cassie Bergmen | @cassie_bergman

cassie bergman
cassie bergman 1615 air case

Cassie Bergman is a professional photographer based in the Pacific Northwest, specializing in outdoor and action sport photography.

“My new Pelican Air 1615 Case is the perfect checked case for traveling with my gear. Knowing I can keep my gear safe from unexpected travel risks is huge.”

Corban Lundborg | @corbanlundborg

corban lundborg
corban lundborg 45qw cooler

Corban served with the Air Force Reserve’s combat camera squadron and been recognized for his work in both humanitarian and combat zones.

Ready to roll into any adventure, the 45QT Elite Wheeled Cooler is one essential item that always seems to find its way into the truck when packing for the Weekend.

Ethan Johnson | @ezj_online

ethan johnson
ethan johnson vault v100c case

Ethan is a passionate creator, on a mission to never leave his camera gear at home.

Recently I’ve been traveling with smaller cases that fit my gear with as little wasted room as possible, like the Pelican Vault V100C Case, the perfect fit for my DJI Drone and controller.

Glenn Fajota | @nowthatsflash

glenn fajota
glenn fajota 1510 protector case

Glenn has been traveling the world for the past 16 years shooting photos everywhere from the top of a Norwegian Fjord to his home studio in Virginia.

Glenn knows his Pelican 1510 Protector Case has earned his trust. “It has traveled with me to 37 countries and has been submerged in water and to the top of 17,000ft. This legend continues to be the primary transport protection for his camera kit.”

Henry Villarama | @villarama_photo

henry villarama
henry villarama 7600 flashlight

Henry is a photojournalist specializing in highlighting military service members and capabilities, photographing and documenting the U.S. mission to NATO across Europe.

Henry is hooked on the convenience, reliability and power of his Pelican 7600 Tactical Flashlight - this light is an EDC must-have for any gear lover. This tactical light features night-vision friendly red and green modes as well as USB rechargeability.

Jason Quade | @abbeybiketools

jason quada
jason quada im2200 storm case

After a decade of working bike races around the US and Europe Jason stumbled into making tools for bike repair.

“We use the Pelican Storm iM2200 Case for a toolkit we offer. It’s a great balance of dimensions and size without being overly big. I’m slightly favored to the latches on the storm series boxes as well.”

John Kilmer | @inturbineswethrust

john kilmer
john kilmer r60 ruck case

You can find John any night of the week on the flight line maintaining commercial airliners at LAX.

“One of my favorite pieces of Pelican gear has got to be my R60 Ruck Case that holds either my everyday essentials or my medical equipment on long treks in the desert!” I really like how the small lid organizer and internal tray allow me to really fit a ton of little loose essentials into one case.

Jonathan Ruest | @therooster_jr

jonathan ruest
jonathan ruest 1745 long case

Jonathan is a professional photographer and creator specializing in the tactical, firearms, outdoors, preparedness and overlanding space.

JR really likes his Pelican Air 1745 Long Case – This case perfectly fits two long range rifles when oriented properly. Combined with its ultra-low weight, this case is perfect for long range days. Say goodbye to dragging heavy cases to your favorite shooting spot!

Ryan Lucas Henderson | @ryanlucasphoto

ryan lucas henderson
ryan lucas henderson 2010 micro case

Ryan is a photojournalist, writer, and archaeologist, fascinated by the subjects of identity, culture, and society.

Ryan can’t seem to get away from the classics. Whether it’s his film camera or his Pelican MicroCase. “Storing and protecting film is of the utmost importance to me. Those cherished photos, my film supplies and vintage film cameras gives me a big reason to want a case with a level of protection that Pelican Cases offer.

JS | @thatgeardude

thatgeardude 1560sc protector case

ThatGearDude served with the Marine Corps Reserve and Air Force Reserve and now serves as a SWAT Sharpshooter for the Sheriff’s Department.

“If he had to pick just one, the Pelican 1560SC Protector Case with Lid Organizer and Padded Dividers might be the one! This is probably my most used Pelican product. It is perfect for when I have to travel either on military orders or for law enforcement courses where I need to bring a bunch of gear such as my helmet, plate carrier, gun belt, uniforms, rifle (broken down into upper and lower), and miscellaneous items like batteries, gloves, towels, etc.”

Maine Ocean Farms | @maineoceanfarms_me

maine ocean farms
maine ocean farms 45qt cooler

Maine Ocean Farms grows delicious oysters resourcefully and responsibly with the ambition to build on Maine’s reputation for growing some of the best oysters on the East Coast and the country.

“Our Pelican 45QT Elite Cooler keeps our Oysters fresh and cool from harvesting on our sea farm, to our restaurant or retail partner’s door. It rolls easily up the ramp from our dock and is sturdy enough to crane directly from our boat into our truck if fully loaded with almost one thousand oysters.”

Matt Hecht | @matt.hecht

matt hecht
matt hecht 1560 air trekpak case

Matt is a visual storyteller for the military, and also a freelance photographer documenting the excitement of the natural world.

The Pelican Air 1535TP in Silver has been clutch for a variety of situations. I’ll throw around different configurations depending on the job, but what stays constant is the truly armored protection for my laptop.

Micah Weber | @overlandunderbudget

micah webber
michah webber 1510 protector case

Micah Weber is a professional photographer and avid outdoorsmen.

“I love all my Pelican cases so it's hard to pick my favorite, but it has to be my first case. The Pelican 1510 roller case with TrekPak interior was the backbone of 7 years of travel photography and 100s of airline flights. This case allowed me to pack my kit as a carry-on and never have to worry about. When you truly put a product to the test and it lasts, there is something of special bond that's hard to describe. I plan to keep this case forever.”

Wryan Webb | @wryan.webb

wryan webb
wryan webb 1400 protector case

Wryan is a helicopter rescue pilot and outdoor enthusiast with a passion for photography.

“My first Pelican product was the Pelican 1400 Protector Case that I used to transport my gear when I was in college. My use for the case has varied since I purchased it, from transporting small firearms to carrying emergency gear in my truck. Even after 12 years of use it remains a solid piece of my kit.”

As you can see, our 2021 Pelican PRO Team is stacked with some truly talented individuals, and we’re so excited to continue to bring our audience inspiration and information to advance their own knowledge of Pelican Products.