Pelican Coolers Spring RoundUp

March 28, 2021

Cooler season is finally here! It’s been a very long year for many of us, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Whether you use your cooler at work every day or every weekend while on your next adventure, Pelican has you covered with an extended line of premium coolers for every application. From adventure backpacks with built-in cooler compartments to coolers that require a team-carry, we’ve developed the most versatile line of cooler products to meet your needs.

14qt personal cooler

The first cooler we’d like to spotlight is our brand-new 14QT Personal Cooler. This cooler just launched earlier this year and it’s already a runaway success, as it has a number of very thoughtfully designed product features. We caught up with InTurbinesWeThrust, a Pelican Pro Team member that works as an aviation mechanic, to see how he was putting the 14QT through its paces as his personal lunchbox.

“I’ve been using the Pelican 14QT personal cooler for these assignments and I couldn’t ask for a more rugged and practical cooler that outperforms any other cooler on the market. Definitely my favorite addition to Pelican’s cooler design is the tray up top to keep my temperature-sensitive items dry!” - John K.

20qt elite cooler

The 20QT Pelican Cooler is one of the most dependable jobsite companions, with more than enough room for an entire day’s supply of food and beverages. A few features really stand-out, the first of which is just a comment on the incredible rugged construction of the cooler. Everything from the stainless steel locking hasps, thoughtful hip-groove for easier carrying, rubberized four-corner footings and built-in bottle opener make this cooler one of the first things we gravitate towards when planning a day on-site.

“Something that gets omitted from the gear checklist is the Craft. It’s the food and beverages for those who work with skilled craft (photographers, videographers) but also their support staff (assistants, key, grip, gaff). Having a go-to bag or cooler with refreshments brightens almost any crew on set especially for long shoot days or long road trips. Whether we are set up on the beach, base camping or on a road trip, our Pelican 20QT Cooler always comes with us. The slim shape design fits perfectly behind a car seat and it conveniently has four notches for cups on the lid. It’s also sturdy enough to use as a chair (off set) - no sitting the job!” - Glenn Fajota

45qt wheeled cooler

The Pelican 45QT Wheeled cooler is made in the USA and features up to 10 days ice retention, and has a freezer grade gasket, 2" polyurethane insulation and Press & Pull tm latches (wide for gloved use). Whether you plan to leave your cooler in your studio, are operating in ultra-harsh conditions, planning an extended adventure, or just want to wheel the baddest cooler on the beach, the 45QT Elite Wheeled Cooler has you covered. Oh, and did we mention our bear resistant certification from the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee? The purpose of this certification is to help keep bears safe and significantly reduce the likelihood of bear-human encounters by ensuring that bears do not have access to your cooler and become conditioned to foods meant for humans and other bear attractants. Most of us don’t come into close contact with bears, but this certification still speaks to the quality of the cooler, anything that can frustrate hundreds of pounds of intelligent grizzly is noteworthy.

We thought we’d ask Pro Team Member Corban Lunbord about his thoughts on the 45QT cooler: “When I was considering a cooler I figured it would live in my truck, so the wheels didn't seem necessary. I was wrong; these rugged wheels are a game-changer. I lug my cooler all over the job site, through campsites and even around the house. The cooler is top-notch and the wheels are the cherry on top.” - Corban

50qt elite cooler

The Pelican 50QT Elite Cooler is the first cooler we think of when it comes to bringing enough beverages or chilled water for our entire squad. For example, we’ve been out conducting shooting range exercises in the Southern California desert where temperatures soar over 110° regularly. This cooler is just about the maximum amount of cold storage for one person to lift by themselves up into a truck bed, with enough room to accommodate 38 12oz beverage cans or 47 pounds of ice.

Check out our Instagram LIVE session with Jonathan Ruest as we explore his thoughts on the 50QT Americana Edition Elite Cooler.

250qt ocean cooler

250qt maine ocean cooler

Maine Ocean Farms is leading the charge in sustainable aquaculture on the East Coast. In the summer months when air temperatures regularly reach 80°+, the ocean water temperature hovers around 50°. So when they go to harvest oysters, which are kept in bags partially submerged on the ocean surface, farmers must maintain a cooler temperature from when they leave the ocean to when they find their way onto a diner’s plate. Farmers utilize the Pelican 250QT Cooler to transport thousands of oysters from the harvest boat, onto a transport truck, and off to the seafood market or local oyster bar. By utilizing multiple 5lbs Pelican Ice packs and a Bluetooth thermometer, farms maintain ideal conditions for their harvest all the way to market. In addition to temperature control, the Pelican Cooler is also rugged enough to take years’ worth of hoisting from boat to truck and back again, day after day.

250qt elite rugged cooler

250qt elite lifetime cooler

Pelican Elite Coolers are proudly made in the USA and feature a lifetime warranty. If you’re looking to upgrade your cooler for the upcoming season, learn more about our entire line of high-performance coolers here: