Pelican 7600 Tactical Flashlight for Law Enforcement

April 24, 2017

Founded in 1976 with roots in the diving industry, Pelican has since applied their groundbreaking technology to servicing members of the law enforcement community. Originating with specialized cases, various equipment could quickly and conveniently be stored by Law Enforcement professionals to ensure efficiency in the moment where every second matters.

Pelican’s Director of Lighting Solutions, Scott Jones sat down with us to give some insight on the innovations that Pelican has brought to an ever-adapting workforce. Before heading the Lighting Solutions Division, Jones directed the Law Enforcement services for Pelican. Through his numerous ride-alongs and close relationships with law enforcement officials spanning the country—from chiefs down to rookies—Jones was able to listen to their needs and design Tactical Flashlights and Duty Flashlights with purpose, through Pelican’s perpetual innovations.

Jones was able to formalize this process with an LAPD Tactical Flashlight committee whose purpose was to design a new Tactical Flashlight that could handle batteries already in used by the department. Through this alliance came the birth of the standard issue, ultra-compact Pelican 7600 Tactical Flashlight, the sole flashlight on the market that combines the power of the CR123 battery with a compact and durable body. Serving a combination of typical tactical and duty flashlight needs, the 7600 is customized to operate and feel performance-oriented. Pelican has also introduced customized models for police departments from Montréal to Birmingham—every model uniquely constructed to suit the specific needs requested.

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