Introducing the Pelican Profiles in Courage

May 8, 2019

Leaders are what we need today, those who lead from the front, check their ego at the door and dive in head-first to the day's challenge. The days roll on, and bit by bit - their impact can start to be felt in relentless progress. We can't help but be inspired by these examples amongst us.

Here at Pelican Products we continue to highlight these amazing, courageous examples of those who are breaking the mold, fearlessly pursuing their careers and doing meaningful work in the face of long odds.

We are highlighting these stories in Law Enforcement, First Responders, Our Military, Action Sports, Science and Academia; anywhere where uncommon courage is required for success. We celebrate these profiles by using our platform as a brand to amplify their reach so the current and next generations will continue to be encouraged and inspired by these patriots and heroes.

In the coming weeks and months, Pelican will profile these leaders and share their story on social media, within our blog and video channels - anywhere we can continue to grow interest in these stories. But this isn’t all about Pelican, we need your help to find, profile and share the next round of extraordinary people. Submit your recommendation for someone we should profile in the form below.

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