How to Create Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

September 13, 2020

September Marks National Preparedness Month

As our nation continues to respond to COVID-19, being prepared for an emergency or natural disaster is more important than ever. And with many people working from home, there is no better time than National Preparedness Month to plan ahead by practicing emergency prep. The reality is that the pandemic adds a level of complexity to the threat of natural disasters, requiring us all to be even more self-reliant in case a natural disaster strikes.

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While the types of natural disasters vary by geographic region, the steps for preparation are the same. Make sure you are aware of which emergency situations are more likely to occur in your area and review the tips we have compiled here to help you get organized.

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Step #1:

Update your Emergency Contacts and Communication Strategy should the power go off or cell signals become undependable.

Step #2:

Create / Update your Emergency Kit to be relevant for Covid-19 - include disinfectant / masks / gloves in your Emergency Kit. Do you have enough essentials to help a neighbor or friend?

Step #3:

Create an Emergency Evacuation Plan - What is your game plan for before / during / after a natural disaster? Has this plan been written down and communicated to everyone you are responsible for?

Step #4:

Charge electronic devices, invest in a battery bank and ensure it is kept charged. Ensure your Flashlight + Headlamp + Lantern are charged and ready to be put to use in an emergency situation.

Step #5:

Essential Documentation, Supplies and Cash should be housed in a crushproof and waterproof Pelican™ Case or other waterproof container.

Following is an example inventory for an Emergency Preparedness Kit. What does your Emergency Preparedness Kit contain? What else would you include? Calling all preppers and all opinions on what’s critical and what’s not.

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There’s a specific page on where you can learn about products we manufacture that can be an essential part of your Emergency Kit. And you can buy direct from the Pelican Shop.