Florida EMT's Pelican Air Case Survival Story

July 18, 2021

Ocean Rescue, Lifeguard, Firefighter and EMT Gabe McCorry-Henry recently shared an amazing story about his tough and dependable Pelican™ Air Case that protected his gear in a dangerous, chaotic situation.

One night while on his way home from a medical training facility where he regularly teaches, Gabe was carrying a Pelican™ Air 1615 Case in the bed of his new Toyota Tacoma truck. The case, which was securely strapped-down, contained hundreds of dollars worth of equipment, including his entire range gear set up.

While waiting at a light he noticed in his rearview mirror that a car was speeding toward him, weaving in and out of his lane and not slowing down. Before he could react, WHAM, the car struck the rear end of his truck, spinning him into the intersection.

The shock of the crash made the moments right after a blur, but despite being in a daze, Gabe’s training kicked in and he ignored his personal safety to check on the motorist who hit him. However, they had somehow managed to flee the scene so he turned to check out his wrecked truck and quickly realized that the fully loaded case was nowhere in sight.

A police officer that had arrived on scene helped Gabe search up and down the thoroughfare, but they found no sign of the case. Luckily the gas station across the street from the accident was able to show them surveillance video that would hopefully offer some clues. The footage showed the amazing force of the collision and the resulting ejection of the case. It also showed it being immediately struck by a large semi truck and dragged out of view.

Obviously, Gabe never expected to see his case or equipment in one piece again, but the next morning while further assessing the damage to his truck, his phone rang. Surprisingly, it was the gentleman who’s truck ran over the case! He had found Gabe’s business card in the case's clear plastic ID slot.

Needless to say, he was happy that his case was found but held no hope for its condition or the equipment inside. But, after being reunited with the case, Gabe was astonished to find that even after the brutal beating it took, the Pelican Air 1615 Case had remained closed and latched with all his gear completely safe, functioning and accounted for!