Choosing the Right Pelican Case for your Gear

January 20, 2020

As we begin this new decade, and with #NationalEducationDay being Friday the 24th - we thought it might be time some of our audience back to school. Now we know that Pelican Cases are designed to last a lifetime, and some of our audience can attest to this with their cases dating back to the 90s! As we begin this new decade, it's important to know the proper way to protect your gear, and with 16 differently sized Pelican Air cases now available, we thought it might be time for a quick refresher on the proper way to calculate the right size for the gear you're looking to protect.

Step #1: Proper Measurement -- you need to start by ascertaining the proper measurements of the main object you're looking to protect. You'll need two out of three possible measurements to start narrowing down the right case for you. Start by measuring the length and width of your main object, making sure to leave room for possible accessories such as lenses / batteries / cleaning kit / etc. We've even done some of the heavy lifting for you by compiling this modern camera body guide, with our preferred case model for some of the top cameras available today.
Here are the basics examples: 4 x 3 in for small cases, 19 x 11 in for medium cases and 40 x 14 in for large cases.

pelican professional blog drone camera gear hard case

Step #2: Case Selection -- Now that you have the rough dimension of your gear, head over to the Case Calculator tool on Here you will enter the size of your gear, and a multitude of different cases that would work well for your payload will be suggested to you. Have an object that's too large for the Case Calculator, fear not big thinker - for Pelican has it's Custom Case Center that can design a case for literally anything need to design a protective solution for.

Step #3: Interior Selection -- Having the right interior setup for your use is as important as selecting the proper case. Thankfully, Pelican has engineered different solutions for whatever your need might be. The classic, Pick N' Pluck foam, offers perforated cubes that can be removed easily, allowing you to customize the foam shape within your case. Yellow Padded Dividers have velcro on either side, allowing you to make personalized channels and pockets for you gear. Starting last year, Pelican became the exclusive case provider to offer TrekPak, a rearrangeable divider system that allows for clean, organized - and yet readjustable case interiors.

pelican professional blog custom padded trekpak divider case

Finally, if those DIY interior solutions just won't cut it, there are three different levels of Custom Foam offered by Pelican:

  • First there is where you design your own custom foam interior on the computer and it's shipped directly to you within your new case - or for an existing case.
  • There are our trusted partners, who for years have been creating custom foam inside Pelican Cases.
  • Finally there is Pelican's in-house Custom Foam Center, which completes projects for the likes of SpaceX and the US Military. With all these options, there is the perfect interior solution for whatever you need to protect.

Now that you have all three steps to choose the perfect protective solution for your project, what are you waiting for! Take your measurements and get started on choosing the right case and interior for you at