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Joe Thomas

Fishing, Bow Hunting

From competing at the highest levels of professional bass fishing to authoring the definitive account of life as a pro angler to hosting today's most popular television series focusing on bass fishing, there's a common thread that runs through Joe Thomas' life. It's not hard to imagine a young Joe growing up as a kid in southwestern Ohio with dreams of one day becoming a bass pro. But it is difficult to imagine that even he could foresee the impact that his 30 year career would have on the sport. Today, Joe Thomas has achieved iconic status as an angler, author and television series host.

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What motivates you in the morning?

The desire for new experiences particularly in the outdoors.

What is your mantra for when things are tough?

If you will persevere, tough times build character and make you stronger.

If you could do anything else, what would it be and why?

I would have loved to play and/or coach football at the highest college or even professional level. I love the sport!

Describe your best moment ever.

I would have to say winning the $100,000 BFL All-American. It was at the time the largest purse in tournament bass fishing and a big step in validating my career as a professional angler.

How did you get into your profession?

I worked behind the counter at a small Bass Pro Shops / Ranger Boats dealership in high school. Meeting all the local bass fishermen started the fire in me to pursue a career as a professional bass angler.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?

A fellow Bass Pro once told me, “If you are going to make a living in professional fishing , you need to be as good a businessman and promoter as you are a fisherman… Maybe better!”

What are your top three Pelican products?

Pelican Air 1745 Bow Case - I truly believe this is the best hard bow case ever built! When you travel with your bow as much as I do, you need not only a case that protects and is durable, but one that allows you to organize your bow, quiver, arrows and all other essentials. The 1745 does that better than any case I’ve ever used!

Pelican 20QT Elite Cooler - I love this cooler! Keeps ice forever. Perfect for day trips and even does double duty as a great camp stool!

Pelican R60 Ruck Case - I use these cases almost every day! I have one that houses all my first aid supplies, another for my keys, cell phone, wallet and on occasion even my handgun and ammo. I always know whats inside will stay dry and protected under any conditions!

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