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Andrew Gilbert

Outdoor Photographer, Videographer

My name is Andrew Gilbert; I am originally from Miami, Florida where I spent many early mornings and late nights in Everglades National Park fishing and photographing remote areas of the wetland. I studied Photography at Daytona State College and the University of Central Florida. I currently live in North-Central Tennessee where I work as a full-time aerial photographer and videographer for the military. In my down time I can be found fly fishing the rivers and estuaries of the Southeast as well as shooting freelance work for a number of outlets. I work in a niche aspect of the media world where the clients I support often require working in some pretty austere environments under tough shooting conditions. I love what I do and it would be hard to imagine myself doing anything else.

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What motivates you in the morning?

The pursuit of being better than I was yesterday.

What is your mantra for when things are tough?

“Cowboy up or go sit in the truck.”

If you could do anything else, what would it be and why?

If I had to choose, I would be an Army helicopter pilot. I love to fly, and some of the most professional and inspirational people I know are helicopter pilots.

Describe your best moment ever.

Catching my first bonefish and permit on a fly rod in the Florida Keys with a really good friend comes to mind.

How did you get into your profession?

I grew up immersed in art and with the right mentors in my life at the right time; they showed me that it was possible to make a living doing what I loved. As long as I worked hard.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?

“There’s a reason professional comes before photographer.” –Patrick Ruddy

What are your top three Pelican products?

It’s hard to pick just three, but my Pelican 1170 is my most critical piece of kit, as it safely stores my working hard drives that I travel all over with. My Pelican R40 is essential to any fishing trip, maritime shoot or simply as a great EDC organizer. Lastly my Pelican 1510 goes where I go, and has some stories to tell. I have put it through some really rough situations all around the country and I wouldn’t trust my equipment in anything else.

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