Peli Cases Don't Get Seasick

July 23, 2018

David Rainsbury, Journalist and Sailor, freelance for several sailing magazines

I make long voyages aboard my own small yacht, Piper. My camera and laptop are accommodated by two 1500 Peli™ Cases and a Navman chart plotter fits in the smaller 1200 Case. Before starting my trip I did a test by throwing my Peli Case 1500 loaded with old camera bodies and lenses into the water, and it floated happily. No water had gone inside. The I took the Cases on board for three months of continuous sailing and photography. They have been stood on, sat on, loaded in and out of boats and vehicles and on a variety of assignments, even in foul weather - By the end of the trip there was light scuffing on the outside and foam insert was a little worn but most important - its precious contents have come through it all unscathed!