Flash Flood is no Match for Pelican Protector Case

January 23, 2024

Harry Harrison, retired U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Master Gunnery Sergeant and Police Officer, recently moved to southeast Missouri. While his house in Missouri was being built, Harrison stored his shooting equipment in his friend’s basement. Harrison still shoots competitively in High Power Rifle.

On August 13, 2023, a severe rainstorm hit the area, causing a flash flood. Portions of the road were damaged, trees uprooted, fences gone, and neighboring driveways washed out. Harrison’s friend’s basement was submerged under 9 feet of water.

Harrison’s wife drove 20 miles to the nearest town to rent a water pump and hose to drain the water in the basement. After 24 hours, most of the water was pumped out and they were able to start recovering the shooting gear. The competition rifles were in soft cases. They grabbed what they could from the debris and laid it on the porch to dry.

One of the last items removed was Harrison’s Pelican 1630 Protector Case, which was stored underneath the basement staircase. The Pelican case held personal shooting equipment, such as: Creedmoor Custom Shooting Jacket and Mat, Konus Spotting Scope, Creedmoor Spotting Scope Stand, sweatshirts, shooting gloves, shooting hats, magazines, and some other miscellaneous gear.

Harrison describes, “I was expecting the worst when I opened my case expecting all of the contents to be 100% drenched and soaking wet, but to my pleasant surprise all of my shooting contents, which I was able to place into that case, were 100% completely DRY!!!”

Unfortunately, not everything was stored in a Pelican case. Harrison claims, “Had my rifles been inside a Pelican Hard Case, they would have been protected from the water.” Lessons learned for the future: always store your shooting gear in a waterproof Pelican case.