Pelican Product Spotlight: The Best Gaming Case

August 22, 2022

Gamers often invest thousands of dollars into their setups and spend an average of $425 per year on equipment alone. From systems to accessories to controllers, these investments need to be protected when traveling. If you have sensitive gear like a PC rig or VR goggles, an oculus case is the best way to keep your gear safe in your home and out in the world.

Pelican has made rugged, tough protective cases since 1976. Their gaming cases offer the best protection for your electronics, and their customizable foam patterns allow you to have a bespoke case that securely holds your devices.

Check out some of Pelican’s best gaming cases today, and choose the best one for your gear.

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Pelican 1485 Gaming Case

The Pelican 1485 Air gaming case is perfect for handheld, console, and PC gaming equipment. Pelican Air cases have been designed to handle the roughest conditions in the world and have been used from the extreme cold of the Arctic to some of the hottest places on earth.

These cases are made from shock-absorbing HPX2 polymer that provides extra protection while remaining upto 40% lighter than equivalent cases. The case is crush-resistant and waterproof to keep devices safe from accidents. It is also dustproof to protect sensitive gear when traveling in dirty environments.

The top is sealed with polymer O-rings, and the case features an automatic pressure equalization valve. The case can stand up to temperatures as cold as -40° F and survive heat as high as 210° F. The case can be outfitted with Pick N Pluck™ convoluted foam so you can customize the foam to fit any gaming console or peripherals needed.

This case has customizable foam inserts that can hold your devices precisely and cushion them from impact or sudden movement. The Pelican 1485 Air gaming case is the gold standard for electronic protective cases, and it will give you the peace of mind that your devices are well protected against even the most extreme situations.

A Pelican Case For Every Device

Different gaming setups require different cases. Pelican has a wide range of cases for any type of device. If lightweight travel is the priority, the Pelican Air case line is where you should look. For mil-spec cases that prioritize strength, the Protector line has numerous options for different equipment so that you can choose the right case for you.

Some special cases include the 1510 Protector series, which features wheels and a pull-out handle for easy transportation. The interiors of the different 1510s vary in size, interior configuration, and padding shapes for either greater carrying space or extra protection. The 1510SC is designed to carry more gear, with multiple slots for different devices. The 1510LFC has a thick foam interior to cradle several sensitive devices safely and would work great as an Oculus case.

Pelican has smaller cases for handheld gamers that offer the same legendary protection but in a smaller format. The 1470 is a briefcase-shaped case that can hold a laptop or smaller handheld device, and the 1170 is a smaller case specifically designed for compact handheld electronics, such as a Steam Deck or Sony PSP.

Keep Your Devices Safe With Pelican

Pelican protective cases offer unparalleled security for your gaming gear. No matter where you take your electronics, you can rest assured that a Pelican case can handle the job. Check out our protective cases today.

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