Pelican Product Spotlight: The Best Broadhead Case

August 23, 2022

Archery hunting requires intense dedication to the craft and careful preparation. As with other equipment in the bowhunter’s arsenal, an essential part of the preparation process is ensuring the broadheads are in excellent condition and ready for the hunt.

A broadhead case is the ideal storage solution to keep your broadhead tips well-organized, protected, and easily accessible out in the field. Broadhead cases from Pelican are designed to withstand the rigors of backcountry hunting and extreme weather and offer a durable, long-lasting broadhead storage solution.

r20 broadhead case

Why You Need a Broadhead Case

Due to the unique construction of broadhead projectiles, it is crucial to keep them sharp, clean, and protected from damage and corrosion. Broadheads with bent, chipped, or corroded blades must be replaced, as they have lost some of their lethality and can no longer guarantee a humane shot. Storing your spare broadheads in a robust, secure case is one of the best solutions to prevent these issues from occurring.

A broadhead case is an essential part of the well-equipped bowhunter’s equipment because it provides the following benefits:

  • Blade protection: Quality, sturdy broadhead cases can withstand impacts, scrapes, and other rigors of the hunting environment without risk to your broadhead blades.
  • Anti-humidity seal: Bowhunters frequently remain on the field for up to 12 hours, regardless of the weather conditions. A quality case keeps the broadheads
  • Organization: Broadhead cases can do more than transport the arrowheads. They can also help you carry and organize small essential accessories, such as sharpeners, broadhead wrenches, nock tools, and other arrow maintenance gear.

3 High-Quality Pelican Broadhead Cases to Consider

Pelican’s utility cases are available in various sizes and form factors. Discover three of the best broadhead cases for serious bowhunters.

r20 broadhead ruck case

Pelican R20

The Pelican R20 Personal Utility Ruck Case is an extra-compact, high-durability Pelican case made using the same crush-proof materials and anti-humidity O-ring seals as the larger models in the brand’s lineup.

The R20’s internal space of 7.1” x 3.4” x 2.0” and IP68 certification make it suitable for storing and protecting smaller items. This makes it an excellent choice for long-term storage of spare broadheads and a small selection of maintenance tools.

r40 broadhead ruck case

Pelican R40

If you need more storage space but don’t want to sacrifice too much backpack bulk, the Pelican R40 may be the ideal choice. The R40 features identical materials and design philosophy to the R20 but offers a longer and deeper storage area: 7.6” x 4.7” x 1.9”.

1040 micro case

Pelican 1040 Micro

If you need to keep your pack as light as possible and focus only on the essentials, a Micro-series case lets you carry a small number of spare broadheads without impacting your mobility. The Pelican 1040 Micro features a storage space of 6.5” x 3.9” x 1.8” and comes with a sturdy carabiner, letting you carry and swap broadheads on the field effortlessly.

Browse the Best Pelican Products for Hunting and the Outdoors

Pelican Products offers an extensive collection of protective cases for bowhunters, gun hunters, and other outdoors enthusiasts. Find the ideal Pelican case to keep your equipment safe and secure.

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