Can You Ship a Pelican Case?

July 11, 2022

Hunters, photographers and anyone with sensitive gear and equipment could always use a Pelican case in the field. However, when that gear and equipment needs to be shipped across the country or even overseas, can you ship a Pelican case to meet you at the destination?

The answer is: Absolutely! Pelican equipment cases are built tough, and even military approved, making their journey through harsh conditions, rugged terrains and, yes, even the hands of hurried shipping carriers effortless and safe. However, there are some things you should do to prepare. So, can you ship a Pelican case! Of course, but you should know what you are doing. So, here are a few things to know about shipping a Pelican case properly.

Things to Know About Shipping a Pelican Case

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It’s perfectly acceptable to ship a Pelican case. You just need to take a few extra steps to prepare the gear inside, whether that is a firearm or a DSLR camera. Let’s dive into some tips and must-know info.

Zip Tie and Tape Your Case

With features like a pressure valve and heavy-duty push-button latches, a Pelican case should never open independently, even if it takes a heavy tumble. However, running a zip tie through the hasps doesn’t hurt to secure it from popping open or accidental opening. Along the same lines, be sure to wrap it in tape. Use fiber tape that can be removed easily without leaving behind a sticky residue.

Always Cover Your Pelican Case with a Box

Your Pelican box is built crushproof, dustproof and watertight or waterproof. Pelican cases are perfectly durable enough to withstand anything shipping can throw at them. So why bother taking the extra step to put what is essentially a box inside of another box? We’ll tell you why.

The issue is that Pelican cases are so darn recognizable and desirable that your case (along with all the expensive gear inside of it) could walk off or get swiped by someone who knows precisely what it is (and how much it’s worth). Even if they don’t see what’s inside, the case itself is valuable enough. So, take the extra precaution and place your Pelican case in a secondary shipping box with packing peanuts or a thoroughly taped-up bubble wrap cushion. Trust us – it’s a lot less conspicuous and a lot less expensive than losing your items after they grow legs.

Ideally, choose a cardboard box that meets the carrier’s specifications so they can’t claim “insufficient packaging” if the parcel is damaged or lost. And this leads us to the next thing you need to know about shipping a Pelican case.

Always Get Tracking Notifications and Insurance

No matter how carefully you wrap your Pelican case for shipping, your Pelican case and expensive gear – maybe even cherished belongings – can simply go missing. According to The Insider, nearly one in 10 city deliveries never makes it to their final destination.

So, do yourself a favor and get both the tracking and insurance. In fact, even request a signature to ensure it’s delivered in the right hands. This way, if your camera hard case and photography equipment goes missing in shipping, you can be reimbursed for the full DSLR camera, lenses, drone or whatever you packed inside (not to mention the value of the Pelican case itself). If you want to be really clever about it, you could also use an Apple AirTag device to track your item’s exact location.

Gun Cases: Taking Extra Precaution

Shipping a gun case is a lot different than shipping a camera. It requires extra precautions and care, combined with rules, regulations and other laws you must abide by to ship a gun legally. For example, you must place your firearm in a plain, unmarked case and box. In addition, federal law requires that the shipment does not indicate a gun inside. Also, ammo has its own set of rules. Generally speaking, you want to ship your firearm without ammo, picking it up later if you need it. If you fail to properly ship a Pelican case that contains a firearm, it could result in fines, penalties and even jail time. So double-check your legal requirements and learn how to ship a handgun.

Shipping with Pelican Cases

Can you ship a Pelican case? Of course, there’s no tougher parcel out there. Just be sure to abide by these tips and tricks so your package arrives safe and sound.

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