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May 8, 2020

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Tactical situations are no joke, and they call for heavy-duty, rugged gear that can handle anything. Today, we’re shining a light on one of the most all-around practical pieces of tactical gear in your pack — the tactical flashlight. These ultra-durable, ultra-bright flashlights can provide lifesaving protection and essential illumination when the scenario demands it.

What is a Tactical Flashlight?

Tactical lights are flashlights designed for use in tactical and self-defense scenarios. They’re some of the most essential tools carried by law enforcement, security and members of the military, serving as both weapons of self-defense and tools of utility (more on applications below). We actually developed the Pelican 7060 Tactical Flashlight with the help of the LAPD, and it has been trusted by the force for years because it was built to their unique specs.

7060 tactical self defense flashlight

These flashlights aren’t exclusive to law enforcement, and thankfully, most people won’t ever need to deploy them in defense scenarios. Still, these flashlights are known for being some of the most heavy-duty, reliable illumination tools on the market, which means they’re commonly used in day-to-day situations as much as they are in the line of fire, including camping, backpacking and working in demanding job situations. They’re packed with useful, rugged features, such as:

7100 tactical led flashlight

  • Durable constructions. including hardened glass lenses and virtually indestructible hard-anodized finishes so nothing — neither hard drops nor perpetrators — are threats.
  • Super-bright LEDs. Some of these flashlights offer over 1,000 lumens of brightness to saturate the periphery and blind targets as a means of non-lethal force.
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable batteries. A super-bright LED flashlight is pointless if it drains the battery after a few minutes of use, but good tactical units last longer and can be recharged quickly without swapping out batteries.
  • No-slip grips. A slippery flashlight is a no-go in high-stakes situations where you need to be in total control. A rugged no-slip grip ensures that your light won’t be knocked out of your hand by a perpetrator or a fall during a stressful scenario.
  • Multiple light modes. Flashing modes, strobes, sequences and different light levels can be used to create unique signals and tailor the light to the needs of the situation.
  • Convenient size. Next to brightness, size is the most important consideration for law enforcement officers when choosing a flashlight. A good tactical light should be small but powerful so it can be stored in a pocket or clipped onto a belt.

Specific Applications for Tactical Flashlights

What are some specific applications for tactical flashlights? Really, they can be deployed in any scenario where you need reliable illumination, a little extra brightness or durability.

  • Self-Defense - It’s common to deploy a tactical flashlight in self-defense scenarios. It can be used to blind a target as a method of non-lethal force and to illuminate a target for firearms if weapon-mount lights are not available options. Some tactical flashlights are designed to be weapons should the situation call for force, though many agencies, including the NYPD, prohibit the use of flashlights as impact weapons except for life and death situations.
  • Utility - All of the aforementioned features make tactical flashlights incredibly versatile pieces of gear for a wide range of recreational and industrial applications — hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, search and rescue, and simple day-to-day life. Their exceptionally durable constructions and long-lasting batteries make them ideal for survival scenarios as well, such as overnight backpacking or sailing trips where resources are limited.

Should You Get One?

Yep. It’s that simple. Here’s why: even if you aren’t a law enforcement officer or a member of the military, tactical flashlights help keep you safe and make life easier when you need illumination. On top of that, a Pelican tactical flashlight is an item that you buy once and own for life (seriously, they’re backed by our Lifetime Guarantee), so it’s never a bad tool to have in your arsenal.

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