8 Glamping Essentials

July 6, 2021

Want to try camping, but not entirely convinced you’ll make it through the night? If you don’t want to necessarily be roughing it at a campsite and prefer to have the creature comforts of home, glamping is a great way to go. And once you understand the difference between glamping vs. camping, you might be hooked! But how does one go glamping and what kind of gear is needed?

Here are must-have glamping essentials to complete a luxurious camping experience. And don’t forget to make the most of your glamping setup and bring along your DSLR (along with a protective camera hard case) to capture the memories.

#1 Plastic or Enamelware Serverware

Glamping not only elevates your tent and shelter, but also your meals. But instead of carrying lackluster paper plates or eating out of a dehydrated food pouch, serve up your delicious meals on plastic dishware. This could be anything from camp-themed melamine plates to classic metal enamelware. Melamine and enamelware dishes are both easy to clean and unbreakable, too. When searching for something fun to add to your glamping essentials, make sure they can stack easily so you can pack them neatly away in a plastic bin.

must have glamping essentials

#2 Insulated Tumblers and Glasses

Now that you know how to make your food more presentable, use the same concept with your drinkware. Serving up some craft cocktails, wine and beer? Make sure drinks stay chilled with an insulated tumbler, wine glasses or even a growler. At the very least, bring along some fancy koozies. The good news is that your insulated drinkware can double as mugs, keeping your coffee or hot chocolate warm for several hours at a time.

#3 Rolling Cooler

Speaking of drinks, be sure to keep all your libations and provisions chilled with a cooler. And not just any cooler — make sure it has wheels that allow you to transport it effortlessly and has a long-lasting ice retention. Pelican’s rolling coolers are the perfect glamping essential, providing a built-in bottle opener and even an integrated fish scale on the lid to measure your catch for a fresh fry at the glampsite.

#4 Foldable Chairs

Give yourself and other glampers a comfortable place to sit around the bonfire with some folding chairs. If you want a more vintage look to your glamping setup, bring metal folding lawn chairs. Foldable teak chairs also present an upscale look. You could also bring along a folding camp cot for a bench or purchase an inflatable sofa — whatever suits your glamping style. The point is to make sure it’s collapsible so it can transport easily.

#5 Luxe Linens and Throws

Give your bedding a more upscale look with a few luxe linens and throws. If the season calls for it, you can still use your regular sleeping bags to stay warm, dressing them up and covering them with a fur throw or blanket to give it a more homey feel. In fact, bring along a few throws to wrap yourself up in as you sit by the fire on a cool evening or morning. And don’t skimp on the bath towels either! Bring along a plush towel for the camp showers, too.

#6 Entertainment Setup and Portable Speakers

One glamping essential you absolutely need is entertainment. This can be as simple and straightforward as bringing along a few portable Bluetooth speakers that allow you to stream your favorite podcasts and playlists to a full setup that includes a transportable screen and projector where the family can gather around for a movie. However low-key or advanced you decide to go, make sure the equipment is built rugged and waterproof for the outdoors.

#7 Awnings and Umbrellas

Create protection from the sun and rain by propping up a few awnings and umbrellas. With countless styles of camp-style awnings and pop-up shelters (that look a lot more sleek than the blue plastic tarps you’re accustomed to seeing), you can spruce up your glampsite in no time. Just make sure it’s made of a durable, weather-resistant fabric. Want to make it more glamorous than a white awning? Add some lighting using solar-powered lanterns or dress up the space beneath with pennants and other camp-themed decorations. It makes for some memorable photos, too!

#8 Grilling and Cook Station

As mentioned, glamping isn’t just about elevating your campsite. It’s about creating gourmet camp meals, too. And to do so, you need the right equipment, including items like a charcoal grill and a prepping station. For starters, make sure you have all the necessary cooking utensils you would need at home, plus anything out of the ordinary and camping-specific — like a Dutch oven or marshmallow skewers — to complete your setup. Aside from the equipment, bring spices you need for your planned dishes, too.

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