11 Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

September 3, 2020

11 gifts for outdoor lovers

Stuck on gift ideas for your outdoorsy friend or family member? Pelican has you covered! Whatever holiday or milestone is on the horizon, find the perfect gift for your outdoor-loving recipient. Whether seeking the perfect gift for gun enthusiasts or world travelers, here are 11 clever and practical gifts for outdoor lovers.

1. Rooftop Cargo Accessories

Rooftop cargo carriers and bags make an incredibly practical gift for outdoor lovers who love to travel. They’re perfect for large traveling families or those who love to go off-road camping, offering extra secure space for camp gear and equipment.

2. Knot Tying Book

Anyone who spends time outdoors needs to know their knots. Get your outdoorsy friend or family member a knot tying book covering all the necessary configurations through detailed illustrations and steps. If the book comes with a paracord rope to practice with, that’s even better!

3. Coffee Maker

Not just any coffee maker, but an easily portable one. This could be anything from a classic single-serve Aeropress or French press coffee mug to a family-size percolator. Add a bag of coffee beans from their favorite roaster for a thoughtful touch.

practical gifts for outdoor lovers

4. Camp Chair

A quality camp chair is a wonderful gift for outdoor lovers. Present them with a camp chair that has all the comforts and extra touches, from breathable mesh to pockets and cup holders. You can even find camp chairs that can be personalized with a monogram, which is great for kids. If it’s a joint gift for an anniversary, give a loveseat-sized camp chair. That way, no one can claim their spot at the bonfire!

5. Headlamp or Flashlight

LED headlamps and tactical flashlights make great gifts for outdoor lovers. For headlamps, choose something with all the bells and whistles, such as high-intensity lumens, downcast LED technology and waterproof features. Tactical flashlights are great gifts for just about anyone–from anglers to hunters. Give them a quality flashlight with various mode operations and a type III hard-anodized finish to take on the elements while they’re in the great outdoors.

6. GPS Radio

Keep a loved one safe with the gift of a GPS radio. GPS radios are much more reliable than a cell phone, which can die in freezing temperatures, break, run out of battery or simply lose connection. With a GPS radio, it offers some relief to know that, should they run into real trouble, they can send an emergency SOS signal using satellites, not cell towers. Besides alerting search and rescue, this device can also come in handy by sending and receiving text messages, accessing maps and checking the local weather forecast.

7. Wool Socks

Between the long weekend hikes and other activities, outdoor lovers always need new socks. Wool socks, to be exact! Wool socks are excellent at wicking moisture and keeping feet warm and dry, especially in the winter months. It doesn’t have to be sheep wool, either! There are many woolen fabric types from all sorts of critters, from alpaca to bison.

8. Backpacks

Outdoor enthusiasts practically collect backpacks. To them, each one has a purpose, especially if they are into wildlife photography or landscape photography and need a separate pack to carry and protect camera gear. If you know the recipient well enough and the types of gear they tend to carry along on excursions and trips, research and present them with a heavy-duty backpack.

9. Water Purifier

Water purifiers are great gifts for wilderness campers. From 12-liter gravity-fed purifiers to handheld water bottles, this handy piece of camp gear can keep them hydrated, filtering water straight from a stream or lake. This gift also works for hunters who track animals for days.

10. Survival Course

Speaking of hydration, sign up your outdoor-loving friend or family member for a potentially life-saving wilderness survival course. Many local recreation centers offer various courses and training, from on-the-trail first aid to winter survival skills. If they enjoy honing their outdoor expertise, this is the perfect gift (that can also save a life).

11. Gift Cards

Last on this list is gift cards. If you are not close with the recipient but know that their hobbies surround outdoor activities, a gift card makes a wonderful gift. They may already have an extensive collection of outdoor gear and be super-selective about what they add to it. And if you’re not outdoorsy yourself, it is a practical yet thoughtful gift.

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