10 Gift Ideas for Photographers

October 15, 2020

10 gift ideas for photographers

Stuck on ideas for a budding or even professional photographer? Pelican has put together this list of useful and practical gift ideas for photographers in your life.

1. Camera Case

Photographers need a sturdy camera case to keep their camera kit safe and secure. And Pelican is the industry standard for hard cases. With features like padlock points, lid latches and stuffed to the gills with protective foam, Pelican offers the best watertight camera cases. The Protector 1510 specifically is one of our most popular cases, designed to comply with most cabin baggage size requirements and provide roller wheels that take some weight off your back. Watertight cases are also airtight, which avoids pressurization issues during altitude changes.

Aside from camera cases, discover various Pelican cases to carry phones, hard drives and other extra photography gear. Plus, many of Pelican’s hard cases are also offered in brighter colors like silver, tan, orange, pink and yellow so you can find a color representing their personality and match the rest of their gear.

2. Camera Backpack

Aside from a camera case, a camera backpack is also a practical gift idea for photographers, especially those who love to travel or are avid hikers. Check out the Pelican Sport Elite line, perfect for protecting all their camera gear while offering comfortable padding and extra features. Give them a camera backpack that’s spacious enough to fit all of their equipment.

3. Editing Software Subscription

Even the most experienced photographer needs to tweak their images. So, why not get them an editing software subscription? Some of the best online photo editing software is Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic, but there are numerous options to choose from to fit any budget and experience level.

4. External Storage

gift ideas for photographers

While there are countless hard drives out there, many nature and wildlife photographers need something a bit more rugged. Some of the best portable hard drives for photographers include features such as a lightweight or slim design and silicone rubber bumpers. Seek out external storage that’s powered by various USB ports or Thunderbolt connections so they don’t require separate power supplies.

If your photographer is a digital nomad or prefers to have backups of backups, you could also help them get set up with online cloud storage from SmugMug, Photoshelter or Zenfolio. From Smugmug, they can even sell their work through prints and even things like calendars and mugs.

5. Camera Cleaning Kit

A super practical gift for any photographer is a camera cleaning kit. Especially great for photographers who get out in nature, you can dust away pollen, dirt and wipe away dewdrops as easily as fingerprints, instead of wiping the lens with a clean corner of a T-shirt. Another more portable option is the dual-tip Lenspen, which offers both a brush and microfiber cleaning tip.

6. Lens Cap Collection

Many photographers already have a lens cap or two, but not a full set. A lens cap collection, complete with cap keepers, offers an excellent accessory to get them the perfect shot worthy of National Geographic. Even professional photographers use their phones for quick snapshots, so a smartphone mini lens kit makes a lovely gift as well, allowing different focal lengths.

7. Light Reflector Kit

Another useful gift idea for photographers is a light reflector kit. Choose a decent portable light reflector kit, which is collapsible and allows them to carry it on their travels or pack it easily into their camera backpack. Many pop-up models can bounce sunlight, giving definition and reducing shadows. It’s a great, super-practical gift that can enhance their photos to a professional level.

8. Light Prism

Speaking of manipulating light, a light prism offers a brilliant gift idea for photographers. Light prisms can create ethereal rainbow effects, creating a dramatic shot without adding after-effects in Photoshop. Seek out a small and compact light prism for globetrotters.

9. Custom Camera Strap

One nice thoughtful gift for both budding and avid photographers is a custom camera strap. Choose a durable material like leather or canvas and have it stamped or embroidered with their name or initials. Etsy is a great place to start and offer tons of custom-made, bespoke options.

10. Photography Blind

If the recipient is a wildlife photographer, a photography blind makes a wonderful gift idea. Photography blinds can come in quite handy and are useful in several scenarios when a photographer needs some camouflage. It allows them to get as close as possible to nature, getting a more intimate shot of all kinds of animals and birds.

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