pelican recharge iphone case battery pack

With Protector Case

The Pelican Protector EMS Recharge Battery Pack enables convenient and consistent wireless charging on the go. The Pelican™ Protector case features a magnetic plate and a unique and sturdy design that seamlessly integrates with a magnetic battery pack system. Easily remove the pack once you’re fully charged, and enjoy up to 40% of additional power at your fingertips.

pelican magnetic battery back iphone case

Qi-Certified magnetic battery pack

pelican ems protector battery pack case

Battery pack also charges wired devices

pelican iphone wireless qi charger mount

With Protector Case

The Pelican™ Protector EMS Wireless Charging Vent Mount cuts the clutter out of your commute. This complete, all-in-one system features a Pelican™ Protector phone case with an integrated steel plate which seamlessly and securely connects to a magnetic vent mount. The adjustable mount allows you to easily switch between landscape and portrait mode while constantly connected to the wireless Qi charging system, providing a smooth, safe and handsfree ride.

pelican qi wireless iphone case

Qi-Certified wireless charging vent mount

pelican magnetic protector ems iphone case

Strong magnetic hold

pelican iphone easy vent mount system

With Protector Case

The Pelican™ Protector EMS (Easy Mount System) Vent Mount featuring the top selling Protector design with integrated EMS steel plate and EMS magnetic car vent mount, allowing for hands free operation with no interference to wireless charging. Easy installation and usage, the Easy Mount System kit offers both portrait and landscape modes, supports most vehicle vent sizes, and is backed by Pelican’s Lifetime Guarantee.

pelican ems magnet kick stand

Mount can be used as media viewing kickstand

pelican magnetic ems iphone case

Integrated/hidden plates support included mount

All Cases Feature

pelican dual layer iphone protector case

Dual-Layer Protection
Durable polycarbonate case shields phone from damage with impact absorption and energy dispersion

pelican military grade protector phone case

Military Grade Drop Protection
Tested to Military Specifications to survive multiple drops

pelican lifetime guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee (Case Only)
Pelican's legendary lifetime guarantee: You break it, we replace it...forever™.

pelican wireless charging vent mount
pelican ems recharge battery pack
pelican magnetic mount iphone case