Correct Color Flashlight Technology

When you can’t see the difference between one color cable from another, the job may be compromised. Now you can trust our select flashlights with new Correct Color technology to stop the guess work.

Common LEDs with a low CRI (~70 Color Rendering Index) can distort the way an object appears, making it difficult to distinguish between colors and compromise your work. Our new Correct Color flashlights are engineered with a higher CRI (90+ Color Rendering Index), giving you the performance of an LED while allowing you to see color more accurately in your work environment.

pelican correct color comparison
pelican 2750cc correct color led headlamp


Modes High / Low Beam Distance Up to 63m Lumens Up to 183
pelican 2755cc correct color headlamp


Modes High / Low Beam Distance Up to 50m Lumens Up to 72
pelican 3310cc correct color flashlight


Modes High / Low Beam Distance Up to 169m Lumens Up to 283
pelican 3315cc correct color led flashlight with strap


Modes On / Off Beam Distance Up to 110m Lumens Up to 130
pelican 2750cc correct color led headlamp


Modes High / Medium / Low Beam Distance Up to 155m Lumens Up to 484
pelican 3415cc correct color yellow led flashlight


Modes Spot / Flood / Both Beam Distance Up to 111m Lumens Up to 258
CAT NO. Batteries ANSI Light Output (lumens) ANSI Run Time
2750CC ⊕ 3 AAA 183
2h 30m
11h ±
2755CC ⊕ 3 AAA 72
36 ±
6h 45m
15h ±
3310CC ⊕ 3 AA 283
31 ±
175h ±
3315CC ⊕ 3 AA 135 16h 30m
3410MCC 3 AA 484
64 °
17 ±
20h °
67h ±
3415MCC 3 AA SF : 258
F: 127
S: 144
SF: 5h
F: 12h
S: 13h

SF: Spot/Flood  F: Flood  S: Spot
Batteries Included ⊕
High  Medium °   Low ±

pelican 3310cc-color-correct-industrial-flashlight
pelican 3310cc-color-correct-industrial-flashlight
pelican 3310cc-color-correct-industrial-flashlight