Pelican Saves Pelicans

Published August 30, 2004

Torrance, CA -

After witnessing a dire need, Pelican has joined the non-profit International Bird Rescue and Research Center's (IBRRC) Adopt-A-Pelican program to help shelter, care for and save the lives of brown pelicans at the San Pedro, CA facility.

"These birds are more than just Pelican's namesake, they are an important part of our local ecosystem and we are pleased to be able to help in the center's urgent time of need. We encourage others to do the same," said Terry Cox, Pelican's Vice President of Marketing.

This year, starving pelicans number in the hundreds and the IBRRC's San Pedro, CA center alone has cared for more than 100 debilitated, dehydrated, and emaciated birds, mostly young ones two years old or less. Pelican's funds will go toward food (pelicans eat more than 10 pounds of raw fish every day), shelter and medical treatment to nurse the birds back to health and eventual reintroduction into the wild.

"We can't just stand idly by and watch these magnificent creatures starve and die out," added Cox.

Pelican is chipping in at a critical time when experts are working hard to understand why starvation is at nearly epidemic proportions amongst the species. Some experts think that the birds had an unusually long and successful breeding season and juvenile pelicans can't find enough fish by their nesting areas.

Anyone wishing to join the Adopt-A-Pelican Program can contact the International Bird Rescue and Research Center (IBRRC) at (310) 514-2573 or Pelican at 23215 Early Ave, Torrance, CA 90505. Phone (310) 326-4700 or (800) 473-5422 (Outside CA), Fax (310) 326-3311.

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