Pelican Products, Inc. Introduces Protector and Adventurer Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note7

Published August 2, 2016

pelican c25100 galaxy note7 clear case

Torrance, CA -

Pelican Products, Inc., the global leader in design and manufacture of high-performance protective cases, has unveiled Pelican™ Adventurer and Pelican™ Protector cases for the new Samsung Galaxy Note7. These products are the latest additions to the company’s trusted and extremely durable line of phone cases.

“As this rapidly evolving smartphone technology hits the market, Pelican is there, committed to providing the highest quality phone cases in the world. Each of our protective cases are built to last and to keep smartphones in top condition for as long as possible,” said David Becker, Vice President of Consumer Electronic Sales, Pelican Products.

Pelican Protector Case for Samsung Galaxy Note7
Created with the same technology once reserved for first responders and extreme enthusiasts across the globe, the Pelican Protector can easily take on stairs, sidewalks, or anywhere else your Samsung Galaxy Note7 may accidentally tumble. The Pelican Protector comes with dual-layer protection to absorb impact and its drop-tested durability will survive multiple drops time and again. Available in black/gray, its sleek design keeps your smartphone looking stylish, while its durable construction preserves all of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 functionality.

Pelican Adventurer Case for Samsung Galaxy Note7
Worried about damaging your phone but don’t want to cover it up in a bulky case? The Pelican Adventurer is expertly crafted to be the slimmest impact-absorbing case on the market. Its patented soft-grip HPX™ technology is easy to hold and won’t slide off surfaces, all while providing dual-layer protection that moves any shock away from its precious cargo: your Samsung Galaxy Note7. Available in clear/clear and clear/gray, the Pelican Adventurer is 23% more impact-absorbing than other comparable protective smartphone cases and does not compromise any Samsung Galaxy Note7 functionality.

Both protective smartphone cases are backed with Pelican’s Lifetime Guarantee. For more information about Pelican Products, Inc. visit

About Pelican Products

Pelican Products, Inc. is the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance protective cases, temperature-controlled packaging solutions, advanced portable lighting systems and rugged gear for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts. Their products are used by professionals in the most demanding markets including fire safety, law enforcement, defense / military, aerospace, life sciences, industrial, entertainment, and in numerous outdoor markets. Pelican™ products are designed and built to last a lifetime. The company operates in 27 countries, with 23 international sales offices and eleven manufacturing facilities around the globe. In Europe, the company does business under the name Peli Products, S.LU. and the division which manufactures temperature-controlled packaging for the healthcare industry, does business worldwide under the brand Peli BioThermal. For more information, visit