Pelican Products Domingo Acevedo Achieves Blue Belt Status In Continuous Process Improvement (CPI)

Published September 15, 2010

Torrance, CA -

Pelican Products Molding Operations Team Leader Domingo Acevedo has achieved Blue Belt Status as part of the company’s Continuous Process Improvement program for his management of the company’s case molding department’s safety, operational efficiency, continuous improvements and housekeeping.

Acevedo is the first manager to achieve this level which makes his department the highest ranking at the Torrance plant since the program was enacted two years ago. “Two of Pelican Products’ core values are quality and dependability. Domingo and his team exemplify those ideals,” said Lyndon Faulkner, Pelican Products, President and CEO. “We are extremely proud of what he and his team have accomplished.”

Continuous Process Improvement is Pelican’s ongoing effort to improve products and services. Delivery (customer valued) processes are constantly evaluated and improved by rating their efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility. Each week, each Pelican manufacturing department is toured and rated by a team consisting of management at all levels as part of a highly competitive “Walk of Pride.” Criteria include metrics for safety product compliance, material waste as well as work area cleanliness and orderliness. To assign rankings, Pelican Products uses a scale that borrows from the concept of martial arts belt color ranks - White to Black (the highest achievable).

“Domingo takes the quality and efficiency of his department very seriously. He and his team have set a shining example and taken our operations to another level in all aspects.” added Nick Newman, Pelican’s Vice President of Worldwide Operations.

Pelican Products is now a global manufacturing operation in six different locations on two continents employing more than 600 plant team members across the globe. As a result they continuously work to improve efficiency and productivity to ensure that the legendary Pelican quality is consistent across all channels.

About Pelican Products

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