Pelican Hosts Third Annual Blood Drive Event

Published June 8, 2018

Torrance, CA -

Pelican Products, Inc. will recognize the importance of blood donation through a multi-day blood drive taking place next week at multiple locations and partner donation sites across the United States and Canada.

The multi-day event, which will take place throughout the week of World Health Organization’s World Blood Donor Day, kicks off June 11. With a total of five Pelican Products and Pelican BioThermal locations participating, the company hopes to build momentum from last year’s events which resulted in an estimated collection of nearly 75 pints of blood from three locations — enough to save as many as 225 lives.

The annual blood drive supports the mission of the customer base for both Pelican BioThermal and Pelican Products — which include the most demanding markets, such as fire safety, law enforcement, defense and military and the life sciences industry — while also serving the needs of the community.

“Our thermal packaging technology was originally developed for U.S. Army Special Forces transporting blood units into the field,” explained Pelican BioThermal president, David Williams. “We understand the importance of having blood accessible in life or death situations isn’t limited to combat scenarios, but extends to other lifesaving procedures as well. We’re proud to help bring awareness to the need for blood donation again this year.”

Fifteen years after the introduction of the company’s award-winning flagship product, the Original Golden Hour™ container, Pelican BioThermal now provides a full range of single-use and reusable temperature-controlled packaging options for civilian and military use. These products ensure the integrity of mobile blood supplies and inventories for blood banks, hospitals, EMT personnel and first responders alike.

The blood drive at Pelican’s headquarters in Torrance will take place the week of June 11th at neighboring Torrance Memorial Hospital. Other participating locations in the blood drive include:

  • Pelican BioThermal in Plymouth, MN
  • Pelican Products Case Center in Ontario, CA
  • Pelican Products in South Deerfield, MA
  • Pelican Products ULC in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

For media inquiries, contact: Kendra Jett,, 800-473-5422, ext. 1486

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