Pelican™ 7060 LED Available to the General Public After Successful LAPD Launch

Published July 14, 2007

Torrance, CA -

More Than 1,500 Police Departments Nationwide Have Inquired About “First-of-its-Kind” 7060 LED Flashlight, Creating a Waiting List for Test and Evaluation Samples

Pelican™ Products is now shipping product for the general release of its 7060 LED, which made a significant splash in March when it was unveiled as the official new flashlight for nearly 10,000 officers in the Los Angeles Police Department. Over the course of the last three months, a waiting list has developed that includes more than 1,500 police departments from around the country requesting to evaluate the advanced light.

“We knew we developed a superior product that could meet and exceed the needs of officers on the street but the reaction to the 7060 has gone well beyond even our expectations,” said Pelican CEO Lyndon J. Faulkner. “It’s been extremely satisfying to see so many police departments embrace it and we look forward to making it available to more police officers in the months to come.”

In addition to the police department responses, distributors planning to pre-sell the light have ordered more than 6,000 units. They expect that figure to increase dramatically as the flashlight goes into more widespread release this month.

Pelican Products was selected by the LAPD to work with the Department’s senior staff and rank-and-file officers to collaborate on creating the 7060, which was designed, engineered, and produced at the company’s Torrance, California corporate headquarters, (about 15 miles south of the city of Los Angeles).

The 7060 LED is a compact tough-as-nails duty/tactical light that blasts a brilliant white beam of 130 lumens for a full 90 minutes without the loss of intensity. This is due to an extremely efficient, light weight Lithium Ion rechargeable battery and next generation LED lamp technology.

The light also boasts “first-of-its-kind” three-way switch technology (tail cap and side-switches) that allows officers to change from tactical to patrol mode in seconds. Additionally, the light features a low battery warning function which makes the light blink increasingly quicker as the charge subsides.

Weighing in at 10 ounces, the 7060 is less than half the weight of existing standard law enforcement flashlights and its smaller size (8.65 inches) allows more space on an officer’s duty belt for other equipment. Its high-impact, engineering-grade resin construction is virtually indestructible and incorporates Pelican’s distinctive faceted design. Also, the castle-top lens shroud allows the officer to see if the light is on while it stands vertical.

In March, Chief Bratton commended Pelican on the 7060’s development, saying: “...this is the first time we’ve made ‘high-tech’ changes to one of the most vital pieces of equipment an officer carries—their flashlight. Working with Pelican, we were able to develop a flashlight that will give our officers an upper hand in fighting crime.”

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