Fear No Baggage Handler With the New Pelican™ Air Travel Cases

Published September 6, 2019

pelican air travel luggage carry on caes

Torrance, CA -

Passengers are now free to move around the cabin and everywhere else with the new Pelican™ Air Travel Cases. The line includes the overhead bin compliant Pelican™ Air Travel 1535 Carry On Case (1535TRVL) which is perfect for avoiding the hassle of checking in bags, and the Pelican™ Air Travel 1615 Case (1615TRVL) which meets the maximum airline dimension requirement for checked baggage without oversize charges.

“Be it a road trip or a long flight, travelling with equipment in the field is one of the biggest issues for professionals who are frequently on the go,” said John Luna, Director of Product Management for Pelican’s Commercial / Government Division. “This well-thought-out travel solution will go the distance while you’re out on the road.”

For increased security, the cases feature strong Press and Pull latches with integrated TSA accepted key locks. Each model interior features a lid organizer with apparel pockets and a set of two individual packing cubes for maximizing space. This allows for the versatility of transporting both clothes and tools of the trade (lenses, cables, cameras, sensitive instruments, etc.).

For heightened visibility at the baggage carousel, the Pelican™ Air Travel Case line is available in Ox Blood, Indigo, and Charcoal in addition to classic Black. Pelican™ Air Travel Cases are made with HPX2 resin which is up to 40% lighter than comparable Pelican™ Protector Case™ brand sizes yet stands up to the same rigorous tests (impact, drop, submersion, high and low temperature) and the harshest baggage handlers known to man.

Additional travel-friendly features include a heavy duty pull handle and quiet rolling stainless-steel bearing wheels for effortless transport, an automatic purge valve for easier opening in high altitudes, as well as a watertight O-ring gasket. Both models are backed by the company’s legendary lifetime guarantee of excellence.

Pelican™ Air 1535TRVL Case MSRP US: $332.95.
Pelican™ Air 1615TRVL Case MSRP US: $450.95.

About Pelican Products

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