Armstrong Tools, Pelican and UFPT Win $125 Million Defense Contract

Published July 14, 2008

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Torrance, CA -

Armstrong Tools, a division of Danaher Corporation, Pelican™ Products, Inc. and UFP Technologies, Inc. have won a contract to design and build a mobile tool kit called the General Mechanics Tool Kit (GMTK) for the United States Army and Marines that meets stringent Berry Amendment “Made in the USA” requirements.

Over the five-year, $125 million dollar contract’s life, the companies will manufacture in excess of 96,000 tool kits designed to exceed the demanding requirements of service personnel across the globe.

The contract requires the GMTK to be mobile and include uniformly branded tools for accuracy of inventory. The case must survive rough handling and transport in extreme environments as well as organize parts uniformly with re-configurable drawers that keep the tools secure, even after the case has been turned upside down while closed.

Each manufacturer is contributing “best-of-breed” elements to the kit that exceed all military specs. Armstrong Tools is providing a tool load of more than 175 of its legendary industrial-grade tools and service products designed to operate in the hottest Middle Eastern deserts to the coldest arctic environments. The GMTK will be used for servicing and repairing all forms of armored and conventional vehicles, both tracked and wheeled.

To protect the contents, Pelican Products has engineered their first-ever, dedicated mobile tool case solution that will secure, organize and make the tools virtually impervious to impact, heat, cold and moisture. It can hold over 150 lbs. of tools. Case drawers were also engineered to allow multiple configurations for versatile organization. For interior protection and tool control, UFP Technologies, Inc. contributed a closed cell, multi-color foam tray system to secure and organize multiple items and to prevent foreign object damage (FOD) resulting from misplaced tools.

Additionally, the case and its contents must withstand an extensive battery of military performance tests. Requirements include impact tests under temperature extremes, water resistance test under temperature extremes, water resistance test when fully submerged, and a dust penetration test.

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